Spilled The Beans

This week I let my coworkers (and boss) in on our plan. You know the one where we stop showing up for work because we decided to float off to some coconut tree studded island and drink rum at noon plan. Ok, so I didn’t word it exactly like that.

But really, how do I explain in a nice, neat sentence or two what we are about to do?! Some explanation like the one above and I sound like a jerk. Make it too rustic and primitive sounding of an adventure and my mental health may be seriously questioned. So my simple explanation has been we are taking some time to go cruising and check off some other top “bucket list” items just in case we don’t make it to retirement. From there I am just fielding questions. Lots of questions. Everything from mail, pirates, storms, haircuts, laundry, to why.

Obviously the photo below is not current-it is from our trip to the exumas in 2006- but it is the photo I have hanging up at work.


5 thoughts on “Spilled The Beans

  1. Wow – that’s a big step. How exciting! I like your countdown clock on your site – great to see how close you are to taking off and going cruising.

    1. It was a big step! I think it really hit me while was sitting in my boss’s office stammering through an explanation. It is starting to really feel like we are almost there. Besides, letting work know is one really good way to keep on the projected time plan!

    1. I knew it would be difficult to explain, and I guess I am OK with no one really understanding. That is why I like following blogs like yours-someone else who gets it! No explanation needed. I see you are sooooo close to getting out of here! I am really excited for you too.

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