Welcome aboard!

She is an Oyster Mariner 35 designed by Holman and Pye.

We found her sitting in the sugarcane fields of central Florida. Her rigging and guts were in piles around her. She was sad and moldy and had a bad case of “mangrove rash”. The trailer she rest upon was even sadder and rustier. We fell in love. Bright turquoise decks and all (and they were bright!). We had her trucked to Satellite Beach and plopped in our back yard for seven months while the refit began.

So far the engine has been yanked out and completely rebuilt and all new accessories added; shaft, propeller, and cutlass bearing replaced; the running and standing rigging replaced; new chainplates; new sails made; I sewed a new dodger, bimini, enclosure, and sail covers; the moldy disintegrating vinyl headliner was replaced; the moldy disintigrating vinyl headliner in the SHOWER was torn out- YUCK!; new cushions were made; the hull and deck were repainted; almost all of the electrical system was ripped out and re-run; Keith made dingy davits; batteries were replaced; solar panels were added, the counters were replaced; refrigerator and freezer were added; the inefficient bow rollers were redesigned and a windlass added; the teak refinished; mosquito netting fitted to all hatches; watermaker installed; new electronics and navigation systems added……and a bunch more.

But pictures tell the story better, so here:


^^ Told you they were bright!























7 thoughts on “Boat

    1. Thanks! It has definitely been a process. Sometimes I forget all the things we’ve done unless I look back at old pics. But we are finally about to get to the real fun stuff!

  1. Just found your blog via my oldest son’s recommendation (he reads every sailing blog on the web!) We are on the backside of our own refit/renovation and love getting ideas for finish-out (I am really envious of the workshop – I keep saying I need to make labels.) Great job on the boat and look forward to getting caught up on your blog. Maybe we’ll see each other out there one day.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, we just went and read your blog. Great job! It seems like we have similar backgrounds and similar time frames, hope to catch you guys in a anchorage one day!

  2. Keith, the blog looks great! Sara and I are so jealous and envious of your travels. We have recently bought a 22’Catalina and have been enjoying it tremendously. We wish you and Deborah the best and glad to see you living your dreams! We are working towards joining the cruiser lifestyle and joining you one day! David and Sara Smith, IHB

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