It’s All About the Timing

So you remember a few weeks ago when I told my boss and coworkers about our grand plan and basically gave notice that I would be giving my notice in the near future? Well, Keith did not do the same……and he just got a really big promotion.

Like maybe a once-in-a-lifetime kind.

I am so incredibly proud of him and for his accomplishments. Congratulations, Keith! Mr. President.

So what does that mean for us and our plan? First, we are thankful that in a time when jobs and even more so good jobs are difficult to find we have done so. But DAMN the timing!! A year or two ago would have worked out a bit neater for us. Just saying. Second, it means there has been a lot of conversations going on aboard our boat.

We are still going cruising, and we are still going this year. We have not lost sight of what we are asking for out of life and working every single day is just not it. It just won’t be next month as planned. We weren’t ready yet anyway. (Yes, I know, we’ll never really be ready but we are really not ready yet.) We are going to take advantage of the extra unexpected income and fill up the cruising kitty a bit more. When we stretched our plan from a one-year plan to a five-year plan in 2011, it required stretching the cruising budget pretty tight. This opportunity gives a chance to add a little breathing room back into it. On the other hand, we are still tackling the todo list as if we were still trying to get off the dock next month. You know-just in case we change our minds and want to go NOW.

I picked this photo from our photo album to remind us of just what we are putting off and just where we are trying to be able to spend more time. It’s a balancing act between not waiting too long and being prepared enough to maximize the experience. From the outside looking in on our situation, I know I would be screaming No! Just go now-do it now! Don’t put it off! It seems that that is a whole lot easier said than done when you are about to walk away from any sort of income for several years and transplant yourself thousands of miles away. To places where it will be illegal to work.

We are comfortable with this compromise and that’s the plan….for now.


This photo is from Double Breasted in the northern Abacos. That little sand bar is where we kick back and clean our dinner in the afternoon after a day of snorkling, spearfishing, and conch gathering. That yellow thing on the dingy is our fish bucket with a fillet board sticking out of it and I can guarantee that there is a hog fish and a conch lying in the bottom of the boat. The memories I hold of that sandbar are some of my most treasured possessions. We are ready to make some more. Soon.

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One thought on “It’s All About the Timing

  1. Way to go Keith! Are you interested in a job in Washington? Maybe you could just straighten out this mess that we are in! Congratulations on your promotion. Not to worry. Your dreams will come true….

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