I took the the technical and general portions of the HAM radio test tonight. Whew! A whole lot of cramming took place the last few days! I am pretty excited to get that one checked off the list. I would be really proud of myself for passing, but the truth is I still am just as embarrassingly clueless as I was to start with. I totally studied the test-not the material. All 800 potential test-pool questions are available online. No surprises.

The experience was pretty funny though. It took place in a senior center with a room full of white-haired men and one chubby Hispanic looking girl (me). There were six of us taking the test and about fourteen proctoring the test. It was handled in the most serious of fashion. The nice gentleman signing me reassured me that if I didn’t pass this time I could take the test as many times as I needed. Thanks for that vote of confidence. But I passed and apparently they got a pretty good kick out of me acing both tests and announced it in the exam room. They clapped and I even got saluted. The guy next to me who was on his third try and congratulated me. Crazy, and a wee bit embarrassing. Then one of the oldest men the piped in really loud “and she’s a girl”. And that just made it too funny.

So, I am a HAM. I will have my call sign in a few days.


2 thoughts on “HAM, I Am

  1. Congratulations!

    Now you can try doing the practical application phase of actually using/testing the equipment. I got the Extra license before they got rid of the Morse code requirements. I still find playing with radios/electronics fun.

    I am sure you will be fine once you get your hands-on experience and some of the stuff you learned will make some sense. 😉

    1. I am looking forward to the applied phase. We are still working through the installation phase. Just ordered the antenna today. We might just call on your expertise as we get this going!

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