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  1. I could watch the DVD a million times, but could never build a dodger. Good Job Debbie! The boat is looking great!

    1. Thanks! It does seem daunting but it really is very easy to follow. The hardest part is man-handling the fabric through the sewing machine. The sailrite enclosure DVD might be a better one to follow for the Morgan if you ever decide to tackle the project yourself.


  2. Well congratulations! Taking the leap without us sad to say. Love the pictures of back in the day now you get to make new ones. Take good care of each other and keep in touch. If you stop in Ft. Pierce call me so I can see you before you take off.
    Love you both,

    1. Lisa, yes, as I picked out those photos-the ones of memories we cherish- you guys were present for them all, maybe that’s why they are that special-not because of where they were taken, but who we were with at that moment. In fact, I know that’s true. There is a hole, this leap was supposed to be shared too. I sent you an email, we will see you soon.

  3. Congratulations! We watched you work hard for a long time to get there. Well earned. The empty dock slip makes us think of you and smile each time knowing your adventure is now underway.

  4. Keith /Deb the Rat story had me in stitches uncontrollably GLAD YOU GOT THAT BASTARD OFF THE BOAT Had no idea they were good swimmers and apparently can hold their breath. Thanks for the stories and drink more water!

  5. My wife and I also Deborah are in the process of buying an oyster mariner at present so your very well written posts are very inspiring best regards Brett

  6. Heyyyy Papi hope you and your wife have a good time… I see the nice pictures you guys posted πŸ˜€ so jealous ha ha but very happy for you hope I see you soon.. Take care my bro miss you😜

  7. HAPPY ANNIVERSASRY!!!! Who are those two kids? I don’t think we had ever seen those pictures. Still look the same…Love you guys!!!!

  8. I’m so thankful I know you guy’s…. you are awesome. and inspiring…Your pictures are beautiful and your writing is fantastic . I will meet you some day soon . I love both of you. Take care and may the wind at your back not be your own….

  9. Enjoyed your dock kids story…..I’ve had that same thought process the many times I’ve been there. I ALWAYS take the boat trash with me . The dumpster at that time was a ways up the road. I used to give the dollar to the kids on the outward bound trip to dumpster. THEN I watched….trash never made it. SO…. They taught me to give them the buck when they returned. Took a while , but when they saw me. I had a hard time finding someone that actually needed to work for it. I believe as you. I earned it….So will you!
    I hope all is well, I look forward to your blog. I cannot wait to get out there with you guy’s Happy New Year, peace and love. D

  10. May the New Year bring you to the place dreams are made of although, your life is not too shabby right now.. Take Care, Love you!

  11. Holy crap, glad you are safe now! The adventures are really heating up now……last I heard Royal Isl was to be a big resort and you could not go on the “rock” Alice Town will never change and I too am OK with that.

    1. Yeah, Royal was supposed to have a grand marina/resort. They dug a few foundations and moved in some equipment but nothing has been done since 2009. There are no “no trespassing” signs so we walked all over. There is a small 5 cottage resort on the tip near Egg Island. The cottages blend into the island so well we could hardly see them so that was nice. Alice Town was exactly the same except the dinghy dock has been rebuilt, it is very nice. I like that settlement. They also have a new sewer system so the water in Hatchet Bay was much cleaner, you could see the bottom.

  12. Alex had to go with you one way or another so he decided on a hurricane. He always did make a big entrance where ever he went. Be safe and I too are with you in sprit. Any great treasures on those gorgeous beaches?

    1. It’s like he made sure to get noticed and then signed his name! Made Keith and I smile.

      I’ve restrained my self on bringing home every treasure I found, in fact not a sea biscuit on the boat at the moment. I still love finding them and picking them up, I carry them for a while and then usually just put them back on the beach. I probably get excited over the exact same shell the next day!

      You are always with us, Keith and Deborah

  13. Glad you made it back to our “little slice of heaven”. Love DB!!!!! Made me cry to see the pictures. Miss you and can’t wait to see you over here but take your time and enjoy everyone and everything. Wish I was there….someday….say Hi to Alex for me! You know he will find you the biggest Hogfish there. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, yes, and yes. Was missing you extra hard the past few days. Keith wanted me to let you know we found the hogfish. A little extra help is always good πŸ˜‰ We will be back there soon and can’t wait to see you!

  14. I really like reading the Blog! It’s nice to see you all doing exactly what you want to do. Enjoy the visit with Jon, John and Tom, the photo tells it all! Hope to see you both when you make it back up this way!

  15. Deborah & Keith,

    Max, Melissa and I really enjoyed hanging out wtih you, kai, and the boys. Our timing was perfect for learning how to clean conch, sand bar happy hour, bon fire, etc. I still haven’t speared a fish though. Strange Bird is back home in NSB after an uneventful crossing. Two days later and it seems like months and a thousand miles away. Can’t wait to get back and hope to see you there.

    Dan Mielke
    Strange Bird

    1. We had a great time with you too! Thanks for contacting us! It is amazing how quickly we get reabsorbed in the mainland life. Have fun with your race, stay safe and we will see you in the islands again πŸ™‚

  16. Where’s a goat? You are out swimming without a goat? What’s wrong with You? Have you forgotten Dollar already?πŸ˜ƒ

  17. Hi guys, So you got spooled again! I think there is a Marlin just waiting for you….LOL Just make sure you tie the rod down or you will lose it…..Have a wonderful time at the Egg. Please take lots of pictures of Norman’s when you get there ( I know you will). Miss you. Have a wonderful holiday time over there and keep me posted.

    1. Keiths got the pole tied on! Believe it or not, I think we are going to skip Normans. We decided to keep the precious memories precious and untainted. I will never be able to recreate the feeling of turning the corner and seeing white sand beach stretch for as far as we could see. So glad I share that memory with you. Apparently it is quite a busy place now, probably not what we remember. If we change our mind, I’ll send you pics! Miss you and have a Merry Christmas.

  18. So glad you made it to the DR safely and had a great trip to boot! Can’t wait to see the “land lubbers” pictures while you are there. Will be in the Abaco’s in June 3-9 and thinking of you….
    Take care

  19. Love the new look!
    Not sure if I would have jumped off of the cliff into the waterfall with rocks but counting until passed 20 may have worked for me??? πŸ™‚ Time of your lives! Enjoy every bit of it….

  20. Hey, we were wondering where you got to??? I see you found Tom. Awesome pictures “not photo shopped” I bet in real life much better and the pics are unbelievable. You look much happier now….take care miss you!

    1. We miss you too!!! Yeah, feeling good to be back. Running into Tom was a sweet surprise-it’s been fun to catch up. Talk to you soon πŸ™‚

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