The plan………well, it’s kinda more like a guideline-completely written in pencil and with a large disclaimer that states “subject to change at any time or for any reason”.

At the moment it goes something like this:
Head towards the crystal-clear, warm water and stay there until the money runs out or we find something we want to do more. Period.

How we envision executing that plan looks something like this:
Spend one to two years snorkling our way through the Bahamas. We love the Bahamas and at the moment can’t ask for anything more from a cruising ground. The water is warm, crystal clear, we can catch dinner easily, we love the people, and the sailing is easy. We don’t want to rush through a place that we love so much just to be someplace farther way. Some of our friends that have done circumnavigations have said that the Bahamas were in there top five list. Anyway, from there we plan on heading to the Dominican Republic. At the moment we are very seriously considering taking the “path less traveled” and sailing through the Windward Passage, between Cuba and Haiti, and cruising the southern coast of the Hispanolia. (So if you have experience with this route, we would love to hear from you!) From there maybe we will sail to Puerto Rico, through the Virgin Islands, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands, and ABC islands. The Western Caribbean, including Colombia, Panama (San Blas Islands), Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico are high on the wish list as well….. Oh, and hopefully Cuba too at some point.

We have no “re-entry plan” for when or where this adventure ends leaving us able to accept any opportunities that may come our way in the next few years.

Come, join along as we adventure.


Update: March 2016

Plan has been implemented!  We’ve been floating about for about ten months now, mostly in the Bahamas.  Seems like we’ve barely scratched the surface of all these islands; there is still so much more to see!  We can’t say we have a single regret with our decision to make this watery wandering lifestyle ours nor any plans to do anything but this for now.

Update: February 2017

Well, it was finally time for us to drag our waterlogged selves out of the beautiful Bahama waters and up some mountains.  As of the moment we are exploring the stunningly lush-green island of Hispaniola. So many more islands to go!!! No stopping any time soon for us.

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