We are Keith and Deborah.

We met and fell in love when we were 16 (Deborah) and 20 (Keith). We were both living on boats at the same marina. Two years later we got married. Two years after that, we bought our first boat together-a sweet sailing Ericson 39. Since then we have bought, fixed up, sailed, then sold several other boats including a Morgan 41 (too big), Catalina 27 (too small), Catalina 30 (loved that boat), C&C landfall (did NOT love that boat), and currently our Oyster 35 (the keeper…….for now).

Life has repeatedly and painfully shown us that retirement or even next year is not a guarantee so we are doing our best to live life now. Bring on that “bucket list”-we are tackling it from the top down…..and item number one is, and always has been, to go cruising.

This is Kai.

He is ready to tear into this adventure. He has big plans too-sailing, and sunning, and swimming, and barking at dolphins, and finding new puppy friends to sniff, and frisbees to fetch, and running on the beach, and rolling in stinky dead fish….


This is Kayla.

Our sweet girl who is still in our hearts. We miss you, Boo.

4 thoughts on “Crew

  1. Hi!

    Found your blog this morning through cruisersforum. Really like the boat, she looks great and you have done a ton of work to get her looking that way.

    My wife and I are planning a similar thing on our Catalina 310, but we are leaving about 2 years after you. Can’t wait to read about your experiences in preperation for ours.

    Fair winds,


    1. Welcome aboard Jesse,
      Thanks for the nice comments. I took the time to check out your great blog. I really like your boat. It seems that we have had similar boats, plans, and even timelines.

  2. Deborah – Jenny Porro from Tropical Spices here. My husband and I own and make the hot sauces Rochelle brought to you. We are thrilled you are liking them so far and have even made a post of them in your blog. I have shared that part of your blog in our Facebook page (TROPICAL SPICES LLC). Thank you so very much. Have a wonder and save Merry Christmas!! Chris & Jenny Porro

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