Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We finished up the the year with one last provisioning run to Marsh Harbor in anticipation of our upcoming jump down to Eleuthera. Our third try at this, but who’s counting. We loaded up on veggies, water, gas, diesel, and yet another tray of Mac-n-Cheese, all the essentials, and quickly sailed back down to Lynyard to play in the water and bring in the New Year while waiting for the weather.  We also made a second go at visiting the ghost town of Wilson City.  We didn’t make it any further inland than last time but we did walk around the entire shoreline of the town this time. Nothing but some really robust foundations left. I don’t have much information on the old city beyond that it was a logging town, not even dates, but we heard people had found bottles from the 1800’s in the area.  We did find some pieces of old, hand-blown glass and our friends on the cat found an intact bottle from the Brains Brewery.  Very cool find; they will have to do some research to try to date it. 

We brought in the New Year watching “fireworks” of a different kind.  All around the boat were tiny, less than an inch long, glowing worm-like things.  They were squirting a glowing ink and leaving large neon swirls in the water.  I’m not sure what they were or what they were doing, but sometimes another glowing thing would come zooming in and “attack” it.  Sometimes it went black, sometimes there was an explosion of ink. It was a bit mesmerizing and had us hanging over the side of the boat watching for quite a while.  It was a fun New Year’s display.  (And if anyone out there with unlimited Google access knows what they might be, please feel free to leave a comment.  We are still curious)

We are starting off 2016 with a new island…..see you when we get to Eleuthera! 

^^Kai with his friend Cassie, just sharing a beach walk

We wish every one a Happy New Year filled with beautiful adventures!!!



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