It became official this morning.  We are going cruising!

Keith resigned.

We are about to do what we have been saying we were going to do for the last twenty years.  Its our time.

You might think that tonight would be filled with shouts of joy, congratulatory cheers, and champagne but I think Keith summed up the mood tonight best when he tiredly muttered “I hope we like it”.

If you know us, or maybe can tell just from following us, this was by far the hardest and most stressed-over part of this whole big plan.  Keith had worked hard for and was gifted with an amazing career opportunity, probably like no other he will have again.  He had a boss, a company, benefits, and a future that left little room for wanting.  It was not, and I can tell by his tired eyes is still not, any easy thing for him to walk away from.  We just traded security, comfort, and social expectations for a shot at living our biggest, wildest life-long dream. It’s a sobering moment.

I share this because as we have been going through this and have shared our trepidations with other cruisers and to-be cruisers we have found that almost all have had to make some hard decisions.  True sacrifices.  Wether it is a gorgeous grow-old-in home that has to go on the market, leaving close family behind, or shunning the security of a career, compromises almost certainly have to be made for this lifestyle.  From a distance the act of casting off the lines and sailing out into the horizon seems so care-free and romantic, but like most things, when you get up real close…

Curiously, we found that younger (and still working) people almost always advised us to stay and keep working while older (and retired) people almost always encouraged us to make the leap-now.  I hope the older (but still working) future us, will agree with the decisions made today 🙂

So why?  Why are we willing to take this chance?  

Because we want to make more memories like these: 

These are the moments, however poorly photographed, that we were truly living life to it’s fullest.  

It’s time for us to make more memories (because goodness knows we won’t be making anymore money)

^^a beer, a grill, and the most beautiful place on earth.

^^oh, and a fish to go on that grill

^^diving, sharks, birthdays, rum, and friends-a good day.

^^this photo and associated memories is probably worth a post of its own, but the short of it is “best dinner of our lives”. 

^^our friend: *picks up a handful of pellets from the ground

“Look, someone must be feeding the hutia”

Keith: “um, that’s not their food

Never did see a hutia, just lots of hutia poo

^^fileting a fish at the “pools” at Double-Breasted -outdoor kitchen at its best.

^^the customs shack.  Welcome to the Bahamas!

^^raising the courtesy flag after visiting the customs shack-always a big moment.

^^there is always room for one more in the cockpit 

^^you can’t fake a smile that genuine (or relaxed)

^^the cure for anything is saltwater…..

^^the afternoon routine.  This is what you do without AC.

^^dinner-probably from our super secret sea-fan spot 

^^the conundrum of the day “grill” or “fry”

^^sweet little mutton snapper came from a day that was too choppy to dive our usual spots.  What an unexpected and tasty surprise.  Sometimes things just work out better than expected.

^^the commute home

^^ breakfast with buddies. Note Keith diving into that Bahama bread.

^^Double-Breasted. Again. Just because it’s our little spot.  You’ve got to admit the view from the backyard is pretty sweet.

^^everyone else got icecream, Keith got fresh baked bread

^^and someone to share it all with-that’s what really counts.








20 thoughts on “Resignation

    1. Patti, Kai is really going to miss all of your loves! Thanks for all the help and encouragement-especially with my canvas projects. Oh, and your quesadilla recipe has become a favorite on board!

  1. Yey! This is awesome. We hope to see you out there. We are just 2 weeks away from leaving 🙂

    We hope you like it too. We understand first hand how hard this decision was. The cruising life looks wonderful from the outside. But, at the same time, it is not an easy lifestyle. Like you, it took us over 20 years to get to this point. Our thoughts were that we love to sail and travel. If the sailing is too much then the travel can be accomplished in other ways (and vice versa). If the cruising doesn’t work out, at least we tried and found out for ourselves. Mark once had a conversation with an older man many years ago. His biggest regret in life was he wanted to sail the South Pacific and never even went cruising. We were determined to not be regretful when we are older and do the things in life we hope to enjoy.

    Cheers to you both for taking the leap. While they may not be celebrations right now, there will be one day soon.

    1. Mark and Cindy,Each of us only have one thing we feel we NEED to do-or at least try on our bucket list. This crazy cruising thing. No matter what happens, we know we would regret not taking this opportunity. That we have no doubts about.

      Really hope we get a chance to meet up sometime! Such an exciting time for you guys as well- just a few weeks before untying the lines, huh? Woohoo.

  2. Congrats to you both. I’m all about heading out but wife wants to work instead.

    Beautiful pictures. Looks like a wonderful time. Hope your future cruising works out and you have a blast. If you don’t like it, at least you can say you tried and have some stories to share. If you do like it, you’ll still have stories to share for a much longer time.

    Have fun out there.

  3. Your post almost brings tears to my eyes. I am so excited for you, enjoy the adventure! I can’t wait to see the photos and to read about your future exploits. I hope the memories from the journey will mean more than dollars and jobs when you and Keith are old and gray. Have Fun, keep in touch.

    1. Susan, Thanks for the well wishes! Can you believe it? We are FINALLY going to go! Having a “really high ponytail” moment right now-I think it’s starting to sink in. And yes, of course we will keep in touch!

  4. Wow….we know exactly what you went through to make the decision to end the career – when I said good bye to my aviation career after 24 years…it was an emotional day. I dd that so that I could be a Registered Nurse full time so I would have the flexibility to do the sailing thing – that career wasn’t nearly as hard to leave 🙂 But we had the same feelings about sailing – we didn’t know if we would like it or not…..and so far, its pretty cool – its memories that can’t be had any other way. But I have always said, when we’ve had enough of sailing, we’ll sell the boat and buy a diesel pusher motorhome and travel via highways instead – but the way we looked at it was that we would rather do it and regret it, than regret not doing it….hope its all you’ve ever dreamed about and hope to run into you guys someday.

    Kevin s/v Catchin’ Rays

  5. I am jealous in so many ways. Your courage will be rewarded. The short time I was around you you sparked my inter-child in so many ways. I being someone who has lost their life partner would say the things that money can buy are not important but memories you make are. Live and Love first then go get old.

    Fair Winds, Nolan

    Sent from Nolan’s phone


    1. Nolan, we are trying to appreciate what we have today as you heartbreakingly know life is still fragile. Hope our future sailing stories bring you some entertainment and joy. We are happy to share them with you.

  6. Congrats. Great step forward, wish I was at that point now.
    Adventure is about creating great memories. Looking forward to reading about them in the near future.

  7. No regrets, this is what you guys have been talking about and living towards the past 15 years! All those great spots and the life style, without having to worry about coming back to dreaded work and stress. . Now RELAX and have fun!
    John and Patty s/v Anywhere

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