Besides all of the last minute preparations, the last few days have been filled with lots and lots of goodbyes.  There were last dinners with friends in cockpit (until we meet up in the Bahamas), quick lunches with friends that drove way out of their way for one last meet-up, perfect Bon-voyage parties (OMG-the food spread was amazing!), and happy hugs and waves down the dock.  I even had to talk my sweet girlfriends down from sending us of with a champagne toast as we untied the lines.  As ceremonious as the moment sounds, it’s just the two of us trying to back up a sailboat, and sailboats just don’t back up well, while undoing and taking all of our dock lines with us.  I was afraid there might be some sailor-worthy vocabulary to ruin the champagne mood :). To top it all off, after all the goodbyes were said, we were accompanied by an impromptu fleet of boats (and a dinghy) for our first night at anchor.  Keith and I sat back in the cockpit to watch our friends run friendly races around our boat.  We figured we have plenty of sailing time in our near future and took the moment to relax and soak in the moment.  Later that evening our cockpit filled up with friends and a lot of laughs.  It was the perfect start to our adventure.

Thank you to all who shared their time with us these past days or wished us well, it’s hard to write how special you made us feel.

We will miss you all!!!


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