Clearance Isle

So Keith had a little good karma coming his way from saving a dog of earlier in the week. The poor thing had fallen in and spent the entire night in the water because she couldn’t find a way out against the tall sea wall. She was cold, exhausted, and very happy to be yanked up onto dry land.

That karma came back in a BIG way. While at our usual weekend waltz through West Marine today, Keith saw a box in the clearance isle for a maintenance kit for the Katadyn powersurvivor 80 watermaker. Hmmmm. We just started installing our powersurvivor 40 yesterday.

The box wasn’t labeled with the contents and the model number wasn’t in the catalog so we didn’t know what was in it and after staring at it for a while we let go. Kind of. As soon as we got home Keith started googling. None of the numbers were matching up. The maintenance kit supposedly came with the silt reduction filter kit (the kit we just paid $500.00 for on Friday) and the extended cruising kit which includes all the filters and biocides (which we still need to buy for $360.00). No way they could have marked down the kit containing both down to $200.00. Just no way. It had to be one or the other. But, whether it was the silt reduction kit or the extended cruising package we needed it and it was a great price. Keith got back in the car and back to West Marine, he opened the box and saw the 500.00 pump we just bought and said “I’ll take it!”. Turns out it was the maintenance kit that contained both kits for only $200.00! Yeah! So he drove home, boxed up the old silt-reduction kit, got back in the car and back to West Marine and got a refund.

So, to sum up the day, we went to West Marine three times, came home with $300.00 MORE in our wallets than we started, and now have more than $800.00 dollars worth of parts that we actually needed.

Seriously, Keith has gotten some great deals over the years, but this one is going to be hard to beat!

(Oh, and the powersurvivor 40 and 80 kits are interchangeable except for a few seals-so that worked out too.)


8 Screws

Putting in eight screws-that is what we accomplished today.

It took us (both of us) all day to find a place to install the silt reduction/pre-filters for the new watermaker. They need to be readily accessible, like daily, yet someplace that it won’t matter if you slosh saltwater on the floor as you change the filters. The boost pump has to be below the waterline and the hoses have to be run from the intake and back to the watermaker. Basically, there is no perfect location. Believe me, we looked very hard. In the end, I gave up my precious storage spot under the companion way stairs and we screwed in the two filters and called it a day. The boost pump, lines, and power will come another day-after I find a place for all of the newly dislodged items.