Drip Drip

It turns out that the fun little swimming pool I made on deck for Kai yesterday, produced a few little surprises down below in the form of leaks (plural). Well, didn’t produce, just made very evident. So today we disassembled the aft cabin, workshop, and head to track them down and seal them up.

But wouldn’t you do just about anything for this sweet face?


First Boat Ride

Kai enjoying his first dingy ride-got to start him early! This little guy likes wind in his face, so I am thinking this will become one of his favorite activities soon.


Puppy Play

So not much but snuggling, playing, loving, and chewing getting done on board our boat the last few days.

Who knew a nine-week old puppy could have so much energy for what seems like 24 hours a day. I thought puppies slept a lot. Kai is definitely not much of a sleeper- and that means Keith and I have not gotten much sleep either. So far we have learned that he is quite sweet, lovey, funny, and curious. And headstrong. There is a brass pull ring in the floorboards that has become his obsession. Thankfully we have a bucketful of toys to redirect him with, and when that fails, the bucket itself is a winner. All other no-no chew items, like all of the teak, has gotten a liberal soaking in some bitter apple spray. It’s pretty effective as a chewing deterrent. Hopefully he will never learn what it feels like to chew on a piece of teak.







It’s A Boy!

The timing is all wrong (oh-so wrong) and we are still aching for our Kayla, but this little guy made a surprise visit into our lives today. His name is Kai.




He was quite a little trooper on the car ride home, slept for almost four hours. But with all of that rest, he tore into exploring his new home. We had thought that he might be a bit timid when we picked him up. We aren’t worried anymore. He is a brave, curious, and loving little boy (with very sharp teeth). Kai has big adventures planned for his life.