Found It!

I found my “to do” list and spent a day updating it. Yes, I know, that time could have been spent actually tackling one of those items, but I just seem to spin my wheels without my list. Keith, on the other hand, has not been so happy to welcome back its presence. He does just fine without one.

Tonight we get to cross off:
1. Finish installing side solar panels (this was a big one!)
2. Order silt reduction kit for watermaker
3. Order sample LED light bulbs (still looking for one I like)
4. Boat cards
5. Cut bolts so headliner can be reinstalled
6. Post kayaks on Craigslist sold!

And to mix in a little play with that work, I made a mini pool on the deck by using an old sail and a hose. Kai had a blast splashing around.