From Moonset to Sunset, I Loved This Day

I woke up this morning to the moon setting into an invisible horizon.  Not a bad way to start the day….and it got better from there.  We were escorted from the anchorage by two mama dolphins and their babies.  Not as baby as we saw last week, but still young.  They swam with the boat for a long time taking turns rolling on their sides to get a better look up at us.  The mom with the smaller baby kept it a little farther away from the boat while the other pair played under our bow. 

^^ It was a no wind day, our favorite kind.  Never did see the horizon out to the west. 

We were anchored near an abandoned US Naval Base so we went for a walk. You know we love abandoned things. I also wanted to go see the pink beaches again and the base was apparently overlooking one.  The base was built in the 50’s and deserted in the 80’s.  Not much is left, nature is doing a good job of reclaiming the territory. 

^^ I’m not usually inspired by resorts but this one looked inviting and we were anchored right in front of it so I thought I’d check it out, it wasn’t open helping make today a free day.

^^ This bulldozer was not part of the naval base, we just found it on the side of the road on the way.  Keith could not control his inner child and just had to sit on it.

^^ The guard post.  I suppose they are not supposed to look cute, but I thought it did.

^^ this building was one of the better conditioned ones.

^^ the Bahamians are trying to salvage and use these old water tanks.  I don’t think you can see from the picture, but they have leaks everywhere-even under the duct tape.

The real star of the walk, sorry navy base, was the pink sand beach on the other side. 

^^ I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed by how clear the water is. If we had brought more than one bottle of water I could have stayed on that beach all day.

With the island being only 1/2 mile wide at this point, I didn’t understand when the chart said it was a 2 1/2 mile walk to the beach and dismissed it as an error.  I don’t think it was.  The roads were not straight and looped around a pond.  Add in two wrong turns, exploring the base, walking the beach and we were pretty tired by the time we got back to the boat.  We took a swim to cool off and lounged for the afternoon.

^^ In the evening we took a dinghy ride and let Kai play on the beach. Still looking for the missing western horizon.

We came home and the topped off a perfect day with a perfect sunset from the cockpit.  And finally found the missing horizon.

Eleuthera, you are beautiful and we are thankful.  We couldn’t have enjoyed today any more! 






Eleuthera Coast Tour

We decided to take the scenic route down the coast of Eleuthera today.  The water is deep enough to sail just yards off the coast.  It was kind of like taking a slow Sunday drive.  First pit-stop was the Glass Window Bridge.  It used to be a natural rock bridge spanning the narrowest section of Eleuthera.  A hurricane destroyed it and now it is a man-made, architecturally plain bridge.  The draw is seeing the dark blue of the Atlantic Ocean and the light turquoise of the sound next to each other.  I couldn’t really capture it.  Keith and I were more impressed with the two fishermen on cliff.  I don’t know how you manage to get your fish all the way up there after you hook it!


^^Two fishermen hand lining 

On the walk back Kai got the bejeezus scared out of him by a tiny blowhole we didn’t see. Poor guy.  He finally worked up the courage to go back up to it. 

We got back underway and coasted down the coast, passing little anchorages with sandy beaches, resorts, and houses speckling the cliffs.

We had thought about making a lunch stop at Gregory Town.  Last time we were here it was for Pinapple Festival, the main event of the year for this island.  At that time it had been packed with people and stalls selling pineapples and pinapple slushies (without liquor) and the music had been coming from everywhere and everyone was dancing. It was a great time.  Today we didn’t even see one person! We ended up just doing a slow drive by from Pittman Cove.

^^ Kai, placing his vote for stopping and going ashore. 

^^ We sailed past the narrow rock entrance of Hatchet Bay but didn’t go in.  No hidey-hole needed today!  Yay!

We ended up about half way down the island and found a sweet deserted anchorage we had all to our selves.  We got there early enough that I was determined to find a way across to the Atlantic side.  The chart said there were pink-sand beaches directly across from us.  Keith dropped me off on the shore and wished me luck. I found a rutted out dirt road that led across.  At the end it branched, to the left led to a calm cove with a wide clean pink beach, to the right led to a “treasure” beach.  That is what I call the ones where all the trash washes up.  They were both a delight to find.  Now, when I say pink-it’s not Peptobismol pink.  Just not exactly white or yellow either. There are definitely pink grains though and in the right light you can see it.  



^^ The rest of the afternoon we let Kai play on one of the tiny islands in the anchorage.