Grocery Getter

At some time in the near future (though how near is still to be determined) we will selling the vehicles, thus leaving us to drag home all our groceries by foot. Keith thought a bicycle would be handy and make the chore easier. (I thought “were the heck are we going to put a bicycle!”)

But, like he does, he found a deal on a tiny Dahon Mariner and brought it home and promised to find a good spot for it. He had fun wheeling his new grocery getter around the parking lot.

I’ll admit, I even had fun riding it.

When we were done pretending to be in the circus- seriously, it looks like a circus bike doesn’t it?- he folded it all up into an itsys-bitsy tangle of metal and tucked it away easily in the workshop. There might even be room for a second one.

We are thinking besides groceries and spare parts, they might be a really nice way to get around and experience the local areas a little bit more inland than we would be able to access just by foot.

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