Stranded Naked

Every year on July 3rd the Stranded Naked clothing line company throws a huge party to kick off the Abaco regattas, they are kind of famous for the Cheeseburger in Paradise party. We have only been to one before and it wasn’t so much our thing, but we kept being told things like “you aren’t a real cruiser if you don’t go to the party”. So we went to the party to meet the other “cruisers”.  

Maybe we have a different idea of what cruisers are!  All we found were rich kids that came over from Florida to party.  So it wasn’t what we were looking for, but it still made a spectacular day of dumb-and-drunk people watching! The party is held on the beach and all the boats (hundreds of boats) came piling in at the start of the party which so happened to be high tide (of a full moon extreme tide).  Keith and I pulled up shortly after the start in the dinghy because no way we’re we going to bring the big boat anywhere near the chaos! We wandered around dumbstruck by how many people let themselves and boats get completely blocked in, they couldn’t leave if they wanted to-like if a big squall came through.  Then Keith started giggling “wait till the tide goes out, it’s going to be a mess in here”.  We didn’t wait in the long line for our free hamburger, instead we went back to the boat for peanut butter sandwiches (I am working on those simpler meals you know).  Curiosity got the better of Keith and a while later and we dinghied back to the party.  The “stranded” part of the party was holding up.  Boats everywhere were high and dry.  Unfortunately my camera battery ran out before I could capture some of the best scenes.  Whole crews of drunks tugging and pushing, only a few successfully.  Many of the boats had their motors running in only a few inches of churned-up sandy water to keep the batteries charged up and the radio on.  Keith says their is going to be a lot of repair bills in the near future.  Even many of the sailboats in the anchorage were hard aground from trying to get up too close.  Great people-watching day!  Not so good cruiser-meeting day.



^^by the afternoon the catamaran in that photo was completely aground.



^^i love the guy in the water still drinking his rum.