Two New Goals

We just got the last major safety purchase crossed off the list this weekend and mounted our new epirb.

I now have two new goals:

1) Leave before the battery expires
2) Never, ever have to use it. Ever.

Yep, life is good if we can just do those two things 🙂

While registering our epirb, I spent some time reading through the rescue stories on the ACR website. I probably read one too many. My take away was whales like to jump into boats. After filling up on true-life disaster stories, I moved onto renewing our insurance. No, not because I was reading disaster stories but because it really was the next item on my to-do list. I probably did reviewed a bit closer though! Interestingly we have pretty darn good “named wind storm” damage year-round anywhere we want, we just can’t sail through a pod of humpbacks as our insurance will not cover any damage from “marine life”. Hmmm…maybe there is a reason? So after a few hours of immersing my self into s#!t happens scenarios, Keith and I had plenty of interesting dinner conversations when he got home from work. They ranged from how to jury-rig our battery bank if it were ever to be submerged (half of our bank is located pretty high above the water line) to permanently installing our 6000 g/hr emergency sump pump in the bilge (to be run by Honda generator). You know, just some relaxing chit-chat after a long day at work.

Kai, on the other hand, oblivious to the potential dangers of the world enjoyed wrecking havoc in his own blissfully carefree way by running through the wild flowers weeds.