We are back in George Town, this time it was unavoidable, we had to get our visa extension.  I’m not sure why we stress so much about it, it’s an easy process.  You go down to the immigration office a few days before it runs out, smile, hand your passports to the man with the gun, say please, and sit down and wait while he disappears into the back with your stuff.  A while later he comes back, smiles (maybe), hands you your passports, and off you go. No money even exchanges hands!  Of course last time we were told we were granted 90 days but while we were walking back to the boat Keith said he didn’t think something was right.  We stopped and pulled out our passports on the side of the road and sure enough, we were told 90 days but had only been stamped for 60.  Thank goodness he looked or we would have been showing up 30 days illegal this go around! That probably wouldn’t have gone as smoothly.

Our re-visit to George Town also coincided with the beginning of the Family Island Regatta.  While we had run from the Cruisers Regatta, we thought the local one might be fun to experience.  This weekend was the juniors race days.  Those little kids had some skills.  It wasn’t a keep you at the edge of your seats kind of event and watching the spectators was just as much fun as watching the boats, but it was an easy way to spend the day.  We shared it with Jessie and Stacey on Smitty.  We met them a few weeks ago. They recognized us while we were at the laundromat and it turned out our boats were anchored next to each other. They were actually our very, very first blog followers (and I probably one of their earlier followers).  Over the past three years as we’ve traveled the same journey of prepping a boat, selling the house, quiting the jobs (at least for a while), and going cruising we had emailed/commented back and forth frequently ending with something along the lines of “maybe we will meet each other in some beautiful island anchorage”.  Whatdayaknow…..that’s exactly what happened!  We’ve been loosely sailing with them and completely enjoying it.  They invited us over to their boat for Easter breakfast, a decadent event with eggs, sausage, croissants, Brie, and fruit.  Oh-Yum. It’s cool when something you’ve thrown out to the universe materializes.

Our original plan was to get our visas, reprovision, and head for the Raggeds. The weather just isn’t cooperating, nothing scary just not blowing from the right direction.  But it IS blowing from the right direction if you wanted to go to Cat Island. 

Hey, let’s go to Cat!

^^Just watching the kids race.

^^photo edited in Brushstrokes app

^^Yeah, I’d like to stay here for another 90 days please.  Thank You.

^^whatdayaknow….sharing a view of our pretty island anchorage together at sundown.


A Snorkle, A Walk, and A Dinghy Ride

Our go-to forms of entertainment now a days pretty much consists of going for a swim, going for a walk, or going for a dinghy ride.  Each time we find something surprising, beautiful, or curious.  The past few days have been filled with plenty of walks, snorkels, and rides. 


^^Sometimes we come home with dinner in the process.

^^Not dinner.

^^This lifeboat was surrounded by El Faro debris (the container ship that sunk) but it wasn’t marked from El Faro-in fact it had two different boat names on it so who knows.

^^This particular reef definitely qualified under the “beautiful”.

^^We found a path at the other end of this pretty little beach.

^^It led to the cliffs on the sound side.

^^It just kept going and going, so we just kept walking and walking.

^^One day we will learn to bring sunscreen and water with us.

^^We came across this beached boat on a dinghy ride.  It’s traveling days are over.

^^We found this long, odd, very narrow, very deep cut out canal right in George Town.  We followed it all the way to its dead-end.  We have no idea what it was intended for.  Curious.


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Blog Love

Keith is finally rid of his kidney stones (YAY!!). Unfortunately it will be a few days before he’s going to feel like celebrating as he is recovering from the procedure and will have stents in for the next several days. (Boo!!). All the recovery time has left us reading more blogs than doing anything blog-worthy ourselves so I thought I’d share a few of our current favorites. I guarantee I will forget a few-this is just a quick list of what we’ve been reading recently.

The ones we are following the most are cruisers that are prepping for or have just started cruising this past year, here are a few of our favorites:

(Note: all photos are captured from the respective blogs and are not my own. Click on the links to see the original photos and blogs :))

Sailing Chance
Keith and I got a chance to meet Kelley, Jason (and their two dogs, Riley and Dewey) when we were all slaving away in the Cape Marina boat yard last spring/summer. They had said goodbye to their New York City lives, bought a boat, spent over a year getting the boat ready to sail and turning it into their home. After a crazy crossing, they have begun their cruising adventure in the Bahamas and are enjoying Junkanoo, conch salad, and hammocks. Kelley is a photographer so their site is loaded with beautiful pics!

Kim and Jeremy (and their poodle, Oliver) are just one month into their cruising adventure. They, too, bought a boat, simplified their lives, did a bunch of boat projects, officially became cruisers (great little video even), and are enjoying the beautiful life. Kim is also a photographer-so gorgeous pics aplenty!


Sailing Journey
Dreanna and JR (and cat, Leo) cast off from the Chesapeake last fall and have been cruising around the Bahamas having a blast and doing a spectacular job of capturing their adventure. It’s about time for them to head back stateside, but I’ve been enjoying the posts.


The Cynical Sailor and His Salty Sidekick
Hands down, the most humorous blog I read. Ellen and Scott are Americans who lived in Scotland, then moved to New Zealand, thus speaking a funky dialect they refer to as “ambriki“. They are cruising around New Zealand for a while before heading back to the states (by plane) to buy a bigger boat and continue their cruising adventure. Ellen has a way of describing this kooky lifestyle in the funniest (and most sarcastic) of ways, whether it be night sailing (my favorite blog post-ever), pet wallabys on board, or communication with your spouse while sailing. She also keeps a great list of cruising/sailing blogs with links.

Other favorites in this category are: S/V Smitty, Where the Coconuts Grow, and the Red Thread.

Then there are the blogs of cruisers that have been out there for a while and have done big, big things-like cross oceans and stuff- here a few of my current favorites:


This family of five (and pet gecko and dwarf hamster) has gotten this cruising thing down! They are currently cruising somewhere in Southeast Asia. From homemade sunscreen and new cuisines, to creating some out-of-this-world childhood experiences they are a serious cruising family with a great blog to share it all.

Pat and Ali sailed around the world in a catamaran, raced across country in an antique Porsche, drove around the Americas (North, Central, and South) in an VW bus, shipped their VW bus to Europe and drove around some more, sold the bus and bought another boat in California, sailed to Mexico, had two kids, cruised around, traded the boat in for a vintage Travco RV and are traveling some more-Alaska to Argentina or something. So while technically not a sailing blog at the moment, they obviously they meet the requirement for traveling!


Smith TRIBE sailing
Another family of five afloat around the world. And another blog with amazing photos to go along with some amazing experiences. They haven’t posted in a while, but may be worth looking back through the previous posts-absolutely stunning photography!


Rode Trip
A young couple who has been racking up the miles on the East Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean, and even a jaunt to Bermuda. I love their simple, down to earth, kind of almost analytical style. They have a good mix of technical mixed in with the umbrellas-in-the-piƱa-coladas posts. Good reads!


Matt and Jessica
Yep, another young couple (and their cat, Georgie) out cruising. They did the eastern and western Caribbean last year and are headed towards the med this year. I don’t follow any blogs by boaters in the med so pretty excited to follow their adventure!

Ok, I haven’t gotten all my favorites listed but the whole “linking” thing is kinda exhausting so I’m handing it over to you….do you have a blog or maybe just a few favorites of your own? I’d love to check them out-don’t be bashful, post yours in the comments!