Hello Honey, How Was Your Day?

Well, let’s take a look.

This was Keith’s day:

20140905-200417.jpgA couple of days ago Keith came home grinning and said he had been working on a plan but he didn’t think I’d like it. At first I thought he was delaying our plans again. But, nope, he and a few friends had thrown together a plan to go fishing in the Bahamas. A boys trip. On a go-fast center-console powerboat. With lots of fishing poles and spears. And pretty clear water. And lots of fun.

This was my day:

20140905-201430.jpgThat is me covered head-to-toe in sanding dust. Why am I smiling? Well, one, give me a good roll of sandpaper and some teak and I can happily entertainment myself for the whole day; and, two, I had just checked in on the Spot Tracker and seen that Keith and the boys were safely across the Gulf Stream and they had just crossed onto the Bahama Bank. I knew that at that very moment they were all looking through perfectly crystal-clear water down to the white sand-ripples on the bottom. How can you not smile knowing that!

I haven’t heard from him, and didn’t really expect to, but I can see from their track that they cleared in at Grand Cay instead of Walkers. I can also see that they had time afterwards to run out to the reef for a few hours. Hopefully fish were caught! I sent him with my camera so maybe there will be pretty pictures in a few days. I’m also hoping for some conch.

*Right now Kai is being the “big boy” of the boat and is up on the bed protecting me from the scary lightning and thunder…..or so I’ll let him think. 😉

Kai’s First Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Buddy! You are a whole year old already.

Kai started off his birthday morning by raiding my veggie basket and eating an onion and a bulb of garlic. Talk about some potent puppy kisses for the rest of the day! (And a new, more puppy-proof location for our veggies 🙂 )

He also got to go to the dog park, play with a balloon, and get a little extra treat after dinner. Lucky birthday dog.

(Just a note: we didn’t buy him a balloon, it was left over from my birthday-he is not that spoiled)



Blog Love

Keith is finally rid of his kidney stones (YAY!!). Unfortunately it will be a few days before he’s going to feel like celebrating as he is recovering from the procedure and will have stents in for the next several days. (Boo!!). All the recovery time has left us reading more blogs than doing anything blog-worthy ourselves so I thought I’d share a few of our current favorites. I guarantee I will forget a few-this is just a quick list of what we’ve been reading recently.

The ones we are following the most are cruisers that are prepping for or have just started cruising this past year, here are a few of our favorites:

(Note: all photos are captured from the respective blogs and are not my own. Click on the links to see the original photos and blogs :))

Sailing Chance
Keith and I got a chance to meet Kelley, Jason (and their two dogs, Riley and Dewey) when we were all slaving away in the Cape Marina boat yard last spring/summer. They had said goodbye to their New York City lives, bought a boat, spent over a year getting the boat ready to sail and turning it into their home. After a crazy crossing, they have begun their cruising adventure in the Bahamas and are enjoying Junkanoo, conch salad, and hammocks. Kelley is a photographer so their site is loaded with beautiful pics!

Kim and Jeremy (and their poodle, Oliver) are just one month into their cruising adventure. They, too, bought a boat, simplified their lives, did a bunch of boat projects, officially became cruisers (great little video even), and are enjoying the beautiful life. Kim is also a photographer-so gorgeous pics aplenty!


Sailing Journey
Dreanna and JR (and cat, Leo) cast off from the Chesapeake last fall and have been cruising around the Bahamas having a blast and doing a spectacular job of capturing their adventure. It’s about time for them to head back stateside, but I’ve been enjoying the posts.


The Cynical Sailor and His Salty Sidekick
Hands down, the most humorous blog I read. Ellen and Scott are Americans who lived in Scotland, then moved to New Zealand, thus speaking a funky dialect they refer to as “ambriki“. They are cruising around New Zealand for a while before heading back to the states (by plane) to buy a bigger boat and continue their cruising adventure. Ellen has a way of describing this kooky lifestyle in the funniest (and most sarcastic) of ways, whether it be night sailing (my favorite blog post-ever), pet wallabys on board, or communication with your spouse while sailing. She also keeps a great list of cruising/sailing blogs with links.

Other favorites in this category are: S/V Smitty, Where the Coconuts Grow, and the Red Thread.

Then there are the blogs of cruisers that have been out there for a while and have done big, big things-like cross oceans and stuff- here a few of my current favorites:


This family of five (and pet gecko and dwarf hamster) has gotten this cruising thing down! They are currently cruising somewhere in Southeast Asia. From homemade sunscreen and new cuisines, to creating some out-of-this-world childhood experiences they are a serious cruising family with a great blog to share it all.

Pat and Ali sailed around the world in a catamaran, raced across country in an antique Porsche, drove around the Americas (North, Central, and South) in an VW bus, shipped their VW bus to Europe and drove around some more, sold the bus and bought another boat in California, sailed to Mexico, had two kids, cruised around, traded the boat in for a vintage Travco RV and are traveling some more-Alaska to Argentina or something. So while technically not a sailing blog at the moment, they obviously they meet the requirement for traveling!


Smith TRIBE sailing
Another family of five afloat around the world. And another blog with amazing photos to go along with some amazing experiences. They haven’t posted in a while, but may be worth looking back through the previous posts-absolutely stunning photography!


Rode Trip
A young couple who has been racking up the miles on the East Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean, and even a jaunt to Bermuda. I love their simple, down to earth, kind of almost analytical style. They have a good mix of technical mixed in with the umbrellas-in-the-piña-coladas posts. Good reads!


Matt and Jessica
Yep, another young couple (and their cat, Georgie) out cruising. They did the eastern and western Caribbean last year and are headed towards the med this year. I don’t follow any blogs by boaters in the med so pretty excited to follow their adventure!

Ok, I haven’t gotten all my favorites listed but the whole “linking” thing is kinda exhausting so I’m handing it over to you….do you have a blog or maybe just a few favorites of your own? I’d love to check them out-don’t be bashful, post yours in the comments!

Footprints In The Sand

Kai went on his first visit to the beach Sunday.

He ate every sandy footprint he came across. Literally ate the footprints. I think we may have to work on this!

It didn’t take him long though to get the hang of playing in the surf.




Drip Drip

It turns out that the fun little swimming pool I made on deck for Kai yesterday, produced a few little surprises down below in the form of leaks (plural). Well, didn’t produce, just made very evident. So today we disassembled the aft cabin, workshop, and head to track them down and seal them up.

But wouldn’t you do just about anything for this sweet face?