A Cruiser’s Plans…

Oh, Look.  Our plans…they have changed…again.  Just this time not so of our own indecision or wanting.  

As I wrote awhile back, we had made arrangements to secure a spot in the Hurricane Hole in George Town back when we were in the Virgin Islands.  Our decision to turn around hinged on that arrangement. So when we first pulled into George Town a few weeks ago we went straight over to check out our spot and confirm (again) all details were in order.  To shorten a boring story, airlines are not the only ones who overbook and even though we have written confirmation that we had a secure spot (three written confirmations actually) we learned, upon arriving, we did not. Even though our last correspondence had been just the day before we left the Dominican Repuplic it was never relayed to us that it was dependent on another boat to forfeit their already occupied spot for us to fit.  That information probably certainly would have been a big game-changer to our plans.  To say that we were *frustrated* by having just sailed over 700 miles dependent on these arrangements for the season is, well, gentle.  

Oh well.  It is done and now we have to figure out where to spend the hurricane season.  We’ve ruled out turning around and sailing back toward Grenada (1200+ miles), Luperon is not an option, neither is sitting here without hurricane arrangements so we’ve got to figure something out. It is often said a cruiser’s plans are written in the sand.  For us it always seems to be on a rising tide 😛

In the mean time, we’ve been having a terrific time.  We swam with dolphins-how upset can I be! Yes, I am still buzzing over that!  We’ve enjoyed the continued company of our friend Tom and we met up with our friends Gregory and Lucie from Puskar for the third season in a row now.  Yay!!!  We’ve celebrated birthdays on the beach, had picnics, and a lot of just hanging out time.  

All three boats sailed up to Lee Stocking for a few days as well.  Keith and I were in need of a fishing trip and got a Mahi on the sail up, conch in the anchorage, and a tuna on the way back to George Town.  We even got to visit our trusty little hidey-hole to wait out some winds. The familiarity of faces and anchorages has felt welcoming and it has been a relaxing time. (Minus, obviously,  the whole we don’t have a place to go part) 

^^ I love a beach that has no end.

^^ Beach trash. Best. Toy. Ever.

^^ Crack conch and Caesar.


^^ This pretty Beneteau just hit the market!

^^ Off season.

** if you just read this, then we have made it back to the world of cell phones and Internet and there will be a backlog of posts making it up in the next few days.  Pics from the Jumentos are coming. Thanks for the patience! 

4 thoughts on “A Cruiser’s Plans…

  1. Looking forward to reading more posts.

    You are a lot nicer than I would have been about the GT mooring field. Perhaps it will be for the better. Matthew hit there as a cat 2 and that area proved not to be such a great hole. 4 boats were lost as the moorings failed and wound up on the rocks. Other were damaged by the ones that came loose.

    Have you considered Green Turtle? There is a yard there that will haul you and put you on the hard for h-season. I believe they book up so it may not be an option.

    Another good option only 4 days from GT is Brunswick GA. A very safe hole. Matthew also hit there as a cat3 and no boats where damaged. You can easily leave and get back to the Abacos within a couple of days. We have a friend who stay there and spoke very highly about the marina. Good security and low rates.

    We are heading east still. We still in PR and plan to be in Grenada by mid July.

    Mark and Cindy
    sv Cream Puff

  2. To be honest I wasn’t very nice about the situation at first-one reason I took so long to write about it. No one wants to read an angry rant. But, as you stated there were issues to consider and it has made it easier to accept that we had to find another solution. Abacos are a possibility and, as we demonstrated last year, it’s a quick run to FL where we have a spot we are very confident about. Other options are also rolling about. It will work out. Have you had the spit-fired pig roasts in PR yet? Eat some for me! Enjoy your trip East (and south).

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