Spanish Wells and Meeks Patch

Spanish Wells, the island next to Royal Island, is a fishing town.  While that can be said about so many of the towns here, these guys are serious.  There is an immediate sense of industry when you dinghy or walk down the sea wall.  The people are friendly, the town is strikingly tidy, and it made for a good walking about day. 

^^ This was the coffee shop.  An open-front work bay with a single coffee pot and an assortment of seating in varying degrees of comfort.

^^ Want something more than coffee?  Budda’s food truck.  The sign by the wheel points to Budda’s liquor store.  The garage?

^^ I wonder who the guy in the red hat is and if he approved the mural before it was painted.

^^ Keith found the replacement spare seal to our water pump at the gas station-they do marine stuff there too. $37.75.  He practically skipped around town for the rest of the day! The mechanics at the shop said they didn’t have one but the old lady behind the counter said “gimme that, let me go look”.  Sure enough she found it.

^^ After picking up a few groceries and having lunch at the local diner with our friend Craig, we went out to the small cay, Meeks Patch.  It used by the Spanish Wellians as a local picnic spot.  It has several nice beaches, shady trees, and squishy grass.  The two pictures below were taken 10 years ago.  At that time it was painted up for quite a party.

^^This picture was taken now.  The colored tables and benches are all gone but under the bark of the trees you can still see where they were once painted. I had remembered the painted “furniture” and seeing the paint on the trees, told me I was right so I had to go look up our old photos.

^^ sandy nose, salty toes.  That is our boy!

^^ We also were finally able to get out to Egg Reef for some diving and conching. Ten years ago on our way back from the reefs we found this sunken tractor.  I’m not sure why, but it is still one of our most vivid memories from that trip, it had been just one part of an unusually special day.  We were pretty excited when we found it again.  The top picture was taken today, the bottom one ten years ago.  Looks the same.




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