Little Behind, Huh?


I’m a little behind on writing and when I get this far behind I don’t even know where to begin-so I don’t.  It snowballs. I don’t like snow and snowballs make my fingers cold. I am a tropical girl. My solution tonight? Here are some photos and a sentence. We been having fun, a bunch of crap broke (hope that is a trend that in itself breaks), I have become obsessed with finding sea glass, we’ve shared some amazing meals with friends-including an epic Thanksgiving feast and a beautiful bonfire night, Kai has been obsessed with a milk jug for weeks, we’ve taken a lot of walks, we are happy to be back out here, and we are headed for Eleuthera tomorrow. 

Real posts to resume tomorrow-or the day after depending on the sailing conditions for the crossing.

6 thoughts on “Little Behind, Huh?

  1. Glad to see you are doing well. We wish we could have gotten together when you were back in IHB. Next time we’ll have to make it happen. We are chartering a 46′ Bavaria Vision in Tortola, BVI March 10-19, 2017. Don’t supposed you two would like to keep going and meet us there? 😉 We will be celebrating Sara’s 46th birthday and will be going in and out of Hodges Creek. Something to think about. Keep up with the dream.

    David and Sara

    1. So sad we missed you! And actually, March in the BVI’s is not out of the question. Sounds like a wonderful charter and definitely something to look forward to and keep that dream healthy! Who knows…See you in the spring? In the mean time have fun sailing!

  2. Looks like you both are doing fine. Still a little disappointed you don’t have a goat. I hope you both have safe and wonderful sailing!

  3. Great pictures! I see Keith had to replace the impeller for the waterpump; which was my project yesterday before going out on the boat. We love your pics! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and are having fun. Wish you a white Christmass of powdery sand!

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