Another very short post:

Not many times in my life have I ever felt this intensely grateful or this acutely relieved. We have gotten back to the boat and she has no damage of any kind and is sitting exactly the way we left her.

When we walked away from her two days ago the probabity of escaping a cat 4 direct hit were not in our favor.  It seemed to grow more ominous as the hours passed and new tracks came in, but in the very last hours of approach we were spared.  The slightest wobble kept the eye of Matthew far enough offshore that we not only avoided landfall but almost all the serious hurricane strength winds remained off shore too.  Lucky, is a word I keep repeating.

I have much more to write bouncing around in my head right now, but instead need to go start reassembling our boat.  Inside we can’t find the floor or a place to sit under the sails, solar panels, surfboards, engine hoists, and everything else.  I am happily off to go make our boat our home again. 

14 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. So very glad to hear you and your boat has come through okay. Best wishes, Carolyn, South.Australia

  2. So happy for you. This could’ve gotten very messy. If the storm had tracked just a little further west, the outcome would have been very different for a lot of people

    Let’s hope this was the grand finale of this hurricane season. We are itching to get going again and look forward to jumping off the back of the boat into warm clear waters.

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    1. Agree, agree, agree!!!….and agree! For a minute I didn’t think we’d be getting back to the warm clear waters for a while.

      The news really seems to have missed the point out here. They keep pointing at broken tree limbs and saying “destruction!” When I think they need to be focusing on How big of a bullet we just missed and how lucky we really are.

      Ready more than ever now to get back out there! Hope to see you soon.

      Keith and Deborah

  3. Glad all is well also…I agree that the news should focus on how the damage in our are was a lot *less* that it could have been (on the track that had been forecast). Good to hear from you too, Lucky Dogs (also neighbors)…fair winds to you too!

  4. I am so glad you are doing well. It has too many years since I have seen you. I hope you and your wife are enjoying life and doing good. Seeing you grown up you look a lot like your dad. Miss all of you and I hope some day we can see you again.

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