This will be a short post, I am tired.  We’ve done everything we know to do to prepare for Matthew.  The boat is in a canal in Satellite Beach (Brevard County).  It is snuggled up into the mangroves and as far away from other boats and property as we could get her.  We have three large anchors out, are tied to two pilings and have six long lines into the mangroves.  We have back-up snubbers (five actually) and chafe gear on everything, the boat is stripped,  thru hulls closed and all the other items on the checklist-checked. A mandatory evacuation was called this afternoon and we will leave her in the morning and stay with friends. 

Wishing everyone a safe next few days.   

10 thoughts on “Matthew

  1. Hold Fast! I am hoping for the best my prayers and thoughts are with all!

    Nolan ( the guy from the southern cross 35 from arkansas)

  2. I’ve followed you for a long time, and enjoy all of your posts. Hope this storm passes quickly and leaves your pretty boat untouched. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you! The storm has passed ( and missed us). All is well and we are looking forward to seeing you soon! Enjoy your big day coming up, I’m sure it will be beautiful!

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