Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

The Boys are back in ‘Breasted!!!!  Welcome John, Johnny, and Tom!  I said it in the last post, Double Breasted and friends just go together.  We sure were happy to see you sail over the horizon!!!  

Actually Keith was so anxious to see his friends he took the dinghy over to Grand Cay with the excuse of taking in the trash and buying a loaf of bread so he could be there as they pulled in to clear customs.  Both boats were given a labored clearing in procedure, something we have not experienced in the Bahamas before.  They had to bring the boats to the dock and were boarded, it took them several hours to clear in.  It took us less than 15 minutes when we cleared the last time and have never been boarded.  The customs lady that boarded the boat told them they were only allowed 1/2 case a beer per person.  Uh Oh. News to us!!  In the end nothing was done about the cases stacked up in the boats and they eventually got their permits.  Time to play!

The weather has cooperated in ways we had forgotten were possible and it has been a couple days of paradise.  Paddle boarding, bone fishing, diving, bonfires, and simply hanging out together.


^^They boys came over loaded with exotic provisions like fresh fruit, American beer (as already noted), paper towels, and the rare box of Cheese-it’s!  That is an entire bowl of fresh fruit on the table 🙂

^^ Hey, John, where’d you go?  Thought you were bringing us some cardboard?

^^ Sundowners on Nessa.

^^ I finally speared my first mutton snapper and my biggest fish yet. (Does my goofy grin give away that I was happy?) That fish took every breath I had and one more that I didn’t think I had to bring up.  I got a poor shot on him and he swam off with my spear around the corner of the coral head.  I caught my breath and dove down to grab him and he swam off again into a crevice going so deep my entire spear disappeared into the reef.  It took a while to find him again in a hole on the other side of the head.  I had to reach in a hole and pull him out (I really don’t like reaching into things, too creepy).  I sure was happy to share him at dinner, though.



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