This is what I typed last night instead of working on our crossing post:

“There has been so few times that I have missed anything about my land-based life since we set out, but tonight I do. Just one teeny-tiny thing. I’m content, I had a beautiful day, but tonight I’d love to get in my car (the one I don’t own anymore) and drive down to the store and buy some chocolate.  Or ice cream.  Chocolate ice cream would work. I could get distracted with some french fries too.  Of course a Diet Coke with ice cubes would be splendid.  But… there is no car, there is no road, and there is no store right now so I’m just going to sit here and dwell about those things in writing.

I haven’t been in a store of any sorts in weeks and I know we are going to Marsh Harbor tomorrow and now that I’m obsessing over chocolate, which I know I can get in Marsh Harbor tomorrow, I’m thinking about all the other treats that would be accessible to me (like the french fries), I really hope my cravings pass before we hit the harbor or this could be trouble!  Keith’s working out his own cravings, I know this because he has mentioned the tray of fresh cooked Bahama Mac-n-cheese from Maxwell’s a few times now. Tomorrow might be a really good day for both of us 🙂 “

So, today I thought I’d take you on a little ride-along through the town of Marsh Harbor as we attempt to satisfy our cravings and get our town chores done.  We sailed up here from Lynyard this morning and it was supposed to be a leisurely sail until we remembered that we needed to get the propane tank filled and drop off was by noon and we weren’t sure they were open on Saturday, and we know absolutely nothing is open on Sunday. Thus, we began the rush-rush pace of the day.  We dropped anchor, plopped the dinghy in the water and had the tank hoofed down to the corner store with 15 minutes to spare.  First success of the day. 

Next up: lunch.  We hit our Marsh Harbor favorite, Just Chicken, and got the $5.00 special with an extra side of fries.  As always it was delicious and plenty enough to share.  I love a good lunch for two for under ten bucks.  Also, check french fries off the cravings list! This is also where I had hoped to cross my ice cream craving off the list but apparently the freezer broke and all the ice cream melted.  Bummer.  We also learned that our favorite liquor store (is it wrong to have a favorite liquor store?) had closed up shop.  It used to be in the same building as Just Chicken, so off we went to check out the other contenders in town and do a little price comparing.  Findings? Beer at the shabby looking place and rum at the fancy looking place, but first, since we are on foot, we had to take care of the other errands because lugging around a case of beer all over town didn’t seem smart.  

We hit the Batelco (local cell phone company) to buy data.  We’ve noticed all over the islands there are two businesses that seem to be thriving: Batelco and the three major internet gambling franchises.  I don’t want to think too hard about the meaning behind that.  We skipped the Bed Bath and Beyond Between, do you think they would have accepted my 20% off coupons?  

Onward to the main event of the day-Maxwell’s Supermarket.  I didn’t know when we left here a few months ago that I wouldn’t see another store like it again, selection or price wise.  It’s like a mini Wal-Mart and, even though I dislike Wal-Mart, I’ve been craving choices.  I did something unheard of here in the islands-I found every single item on my list!  And, for bonus points, nothing was priced so ridiculously high that I had to leave it on the shelf.  Oh, and chocolate?  Yep.  Mac-n-cheese? Yep. Cravings satisfied 🙂  It’s funny I had assumed since there is rarely more than two or three dozen boats in this harbor and frequently a couple hundred boats in the George Town harbor that George Town would have just as big of a supermarket. Nope, not even close.  

We lugged our loot back to the boat where we found another boat practically anchored on top of us.  When we mentioned that we thought they were a little too close for comfort the guy whined that he had already re-anchored today because someone else thought he was too close and told him to move.  Really?  Then maybe you shouldn’t anchor so freakn’ close to other boats!!  He moved and we continued on with our checklist.  Keith dropped me off at the marina where I washed two loads of laundry, no, not exactly satisfying any specific craving-but clean sheets are always welcome.  Though, the super fast internet certainly did satisfy!  I even had enough bandwidth to download a show and upload a video of Keith spear-fishing to Facebook.  Keith busied himself with picking up the propane and dumping our trash. We haven’t seen a dumpster in a while, so it was more exciting than it may seem to you.  The plan was to be here two days and spread out the errands, but Marsh Harbor was already losing its charm again so instead of retiring for the day we made one more dash around town so we could bolt in the morning.  

Bahamians like to honk at everything and everybody, put a guy holding a “Honk for Jesus” sign on the main road and all of a sudden this one streetlight town sounds like NYC! 🇧🇸 

One thought on “Cravings

  1. Love following your life! I can totally understand your cravings! Thanks for sharing!!! Be safe!

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