The last post ended with us headed towards the Current Cut passage, we made it there 15 minutes before slack tide, in other words, perfect timing to shoot straight on through.  Sometimes it does all go according to plan.  The next morning we made the jump to Little Harbor, Abacos. It was a super fast crossing for us, we averaged 6 1/2 knots and towards the end of the day saw a lot of seven plus and a few eight knots with a double reefed main and jib.  But the highlight of the sail was the fishing.  Remember Keith’s birthday tuna challenge (made complete with cedar plug and wasabi marinade)?  Success!  Not the biggest fish in the sea, but just as tasty.  The day started with two nasty barracuda.  We even pulled in the lines for a bit until we saw a flock of sea birds.  Keith started to put the lines out and almost immediately got this little tuna. At first we thought it was another barracuda when we saw the silver, not so.  A little bit later he got a bull Mahi-Mahi and we called it a day for the fishing.  

With the biggest jumps behind us we can sigh with a little relief that we will not be stuck in the wrong end of the island chain when our friends sail across and we will get to met up with them.  We still have a couple more days of sailing, but it’s easy stuff from here on up.

^^I didn’t have an extra hand for the camera when things got a little sporty, but this was the view from inside the dodger this morning as we left for Lynyard. The dodger was so caked with salt we could barely see out, guess we did get quite a salt bath yesterday!

^^ Todays sail was much more mellow.   

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