Cat Island

Cat’s Cool.  

Keith’s father bought a piece of property on Cat Island back in 1960’s.  The plot was never developed, nor any of the property around  it but we just had to go check it out while we were in the Bahamas so Cat Island was on the “must see” list for us for this reason alone.  Sailing up to Hawk’s Nest Creek at the southern tip of Cat we passed right by the tiny piece of property.  We had the binoculars out and have got to say it is on one very remote stretch of land!  Some ocean water, some iron shore, and some scrub.  But, a cool thing to finally check out.  We had planned on actually going to the piece of property but renting a car and hacking through the scrub with machetes to get there seemed like more effort than we could muster so instead we settled into the bight for a few days and soaked in the peacefulness that Cat has to offer.  It is a large island without much on it, and that is not a bad thing!

The main attraction, besides the fact that there are no main attractions, is the Hermitage built by Father Jerome atop of the highest peak in the Bahamas. Father Jerome is kind of a legend in these parts, he was an architect and designed many of the churches in the Bahamas.  When it came time for him to retire, if that’s the right word, he got permission from the church to be a hermit (I didn’t know you needed permission to become a hermit-always learning something).  He selected Cat Island and built his tiny hermitage; it is a miniature scale monastery.  It’s big enough to walk through, ducking and squeezing.  It is said that he is buried beneath it.  It made an interesting touristy day. 

^^After losing a fish overboard, Keith rigged up a net version of a fish bag on the back deck.  Preliminary trials are going well.

^^The path up is a walk through the Stations of the Cross.

^^and past his burial site

^^Found bananas on the walk home

^^The town parking lot.  For as quiet of an island as it is, the grocery store was well stocked (once the mail boat arrived).



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