A Snorkle, A Walk, and A Dinghy Ride

Our go-to forms of entertainment now a days pretty much consists of going for a swim, going for a walk, or going for a dinghy ride.  Each time we find something surprising, beautiful, or curious.  The past few days have been filled with plenty of walks, snorkels, and rides. 


^^Sometimes we come home with dinner in the process.

^^Not dinner.

^^This lifeboat was surrounded by El Faro debris (the container ship that sunk) but it wasn’t marked from El Faro-in fact it had two different boat names on it so who knows.

^^This particular reef definitely qualified under the “beautiful”.

^^We found a path at the other end of this pretty little beach.

^^It led to the cliffs on the sound side.

^^It just kept going and going, so we just kept walking and walking.

^^One day we will learn to bring sunscreen and water with us.

^^We came across this beached boat on a dinghy ride.  It’s traveling days are over.

^^We found this long, odd, very narrow, very deep cut out canal right in George Town.  We followed it all the way to its dead-end.  We have no idea what it was intended for.  Curious.




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