Piggy, Piggy, Piggy

I thought maybe because I had already heard so much about the famous swimming pigs of Staniel Cay that they would somehow be anticlimactic.  Nope.  Swimming pigs are cool.  A little scary when they come charging out to you in your very precious (and very poppable) blow-up boat, but very cool.  Warning: you are about to get bombarded with piggy pictures.  They seem to get fed frequently enough to not be too aggressive, just very happy to see your bag of food. 

^^Snorkle snouts!

^^It’s too cute!

^^Keith wasn’t sure how cute this one was, he kept the dinghy away from it.

^^I don’t know if the white ones were albino or just unlucky to be born on a beach.  Their little ears and eyes were sunburned.

^^Lisa, I think they know you have food still!

^^Chickens too, they didn’t swim though. (look behind the big pig)

^^they lost interest when we ran out of cabbage scraps.

^^We found two little piglets hiding out in the shade.  They were too little to eat the veggies, they just sniffed at them, but they guzzled some fresh water!

^^They liked the water!

^^The little runt…..I wanted to bring him home!  I know Kai would love him up…

^^……until he got this big.  Little runt stayed on the beach.

^^For some reason I had envisioned “Piggy Beach” as being some remote little spot with a quiet little anchorage with only a few cruising boats around; that’s what it looked like on all the blogs I saw. Oh no, not at all.  That must have been the magic of photo cropping.  Not only is the anchorage large and busy, it’s filled with large and busy boats.  Then add a mega yacht or four sprinkled in the mix.  It was just as much a zoo in the anchorage as up on the beach!  The mega yachts were having a “my water slide is bigger than your water slide” moment. I wanted to ask the crew on deck how much the carnival ride tickets were, I chickened out.  We were, however, entertained with jet skies, water skiers, paddle boarders, kite boarders, and windsurfers for no admission fee. 

^^I have to admit, it looks kind of fun.

^^Sorry…..had to.  The little boy pig wore himself out and fell asleep on top of the little girl pig; she just kept standing there.  They were still like that when we dinghied away.





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