From Lee Stocking we sailed to Rudder Cut Cay / Musha Cay.  David Copperfield the magician owns these two islands and the surrounding nine uninhabited islands.  He has his house here and a very exclusive resort on Musha Cay. When I say “very exclusive” I mean like $39,000  per NIGHT and up kind of exclusive.  And there is a four night minimum stay.  That is not a typo-$156,000 for four nights. You can share your night with twelve of your closest friends-or not, but still, that is insane right?!  Food is included, of course it would have to be there are no stores or restaurants around.  You do have to pay extra if you want to go deep sea fishing. 

For the grand sum of $0.00 per night, we anchored in the middle of all his islands in Copperfield Bay and enjoyed the same view and waters and beaches.  In the Bahamas all beaches are public up to the high tide line. For his guests’ snorkeling enjoyment David Copperfield had a full-scale stainless steel piano and mermaid commissioned and had it sunk in one of the little bays.  God knows how much that cost.  Still, it was definitely neat to find and snorkel on.  Keith says if he paid that much money for it, he would have someone down there polishing it everyday.  It is pretty but it is hard to tell that it is stainless anymore.  It was just one of those things we wanted to check off the list so-to-speak.  We also checked out an old plane wreck and a few other rocks and small islands.  Keith stumbled upon another smaller mermaid statue on one of the small patch reefs.  So how many mermaids ARE there in Copperfield’s waters?  If there is two, there is probably more.  We heard he has a scavenger hunt for his guest, I’d like to see that list.  In the afternoon a jetski from the resort came up to our boat, they were asking if we knew where the piano was.  You would think for forty-thousand dollars a night you’d get a map if you asked!  We pointed them in the right direction and off the couple went.

Over dinner I was wondering if a personal magic show was included with your stay at the resort.  Ben said sure!  “see the money in your wallet? POOF! “now it’s in my wallet!” “POOF, POOF, POOF!!!”  “Abracadabra -you’re broke!”

David Copperfield isn’t the only celebrity owning rocks in these waters.  The day before we had been catching lobsters in front of Nicholas Cage’s house and Johhny Depp’s Island is just a little ways to the north. We heard he flies a Pirates of the Carribbean flag when he is on the island. I’m not into celebrities, I didn’t even think to take photos of any of the houses or resorts but we might have look for the flag when we sail that way.

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