Atypical Laundry Day

We’ve been playing hard and needed a day to catch up on some chores.  Keith started the day with scrubbing the bottom of the boat. Ick.  I haven’t been to a laundromat in over a month, so for me, laundry was in order.  From our last stop here, I remembered that one of the abandoned houses had a huge cistern.  Its not exactly a laundromat, but it will work.  We loaded up several loads of dirty laundry,  four buckets, soap, a plunger, and a clothes line and trucked off to the other side of the island.  The walk ended up being much longer than I remembered, but the view just as incredible.  Keith and I set up shop overlooking Adderly Cut and got to scrubbing, wringing, and hanging.  Unlimited fresh water is such a treat, its hard to explain.  I didn’t even mind that there was a tadpole swimming in it.  It was easily the cleanest my clothes have been since being in the Bahamas. Tadpole pee and all.  To reward ourselves for completing our chores we walked up Perrys Peak in the afternoon, the tallest peak in the Exumas- a whopping 123 ft.  The view was magnificent though. 


^^ these little rocks are called “Tug and Barge”.  See it?

2 thoughts on “Atypical Laundry Day

  1. Your laundry “room” with a view beats my laundry room with AC, washer, dryer and running water ten times.

    1. No complaints that day! Doing laundry again as I type this, from a real laundromat this time, view is still gorgeous and has free wifi. Not the worst chore out here for sure. I do miss freely flowing water sometimes though, think of me the next time you turn on a garden hose. I’d love one of those right now!

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