Once again we have emerged from our hidey-hole and this time were rewarded with the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets but even more spectacular than that was the stillness in the air.  Sweet silence of NO wind. Ahhhh.  We shared the evening with a single dolphin that slowly swam around our boat over and over.  Kai followed him round and round, not even barking; it was like they were playing with each other.  The lull in the wind didn’t last long so we sailed down to Long Island, on the way crossing the Tropic of Cancer.  We are officially in the Tropics!  That’s a reason to celebrate right? We toasted with our friends Ben and Lisa within minutes of putting down the hook!  We didn’t even wait to make it to the local bar. 


^^even Kai stopped to watch the sunset.

^^making new friends.

^^this was the anchorage as we left in the morning, by the afternoon we were sailing along at 7 knots, obviously the wind filled back in.

^^Keith and I think this is the cutest little motor sailor.

^^Cheers!  Welcome to the tropics!

^^we still need our wetsuits in the tropics, though.

^^”Red sky at night, sailor’s delight”

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