Hidey Hole

Let’s see…what have we been up to?  

We spent a few days playing hopscotch with the George Town anchorages trying to match wind predictions with wind protection before just giving up entirely and snuggling ourselves into the Red Shanks anchorage leaving us with protection from all directions.  It’s kind of a comfy spot I guess because we haven’t found reason to move on from here yet.  It’s still part of George Town, just kind of removed from the hubbub of the community events and crowds.  This means no morning water aerobics or afternoon regulation volleyball for us.  Honestly we didn’t find this to be too much of a negative 😉 That, and we had to stick around the area for our Immigration extension and we were also waiting on parts for our outboard to be shipped in (that’s a whole different story, though).

I’m a little behind in writing so I’m just going to get myself caught up with just some pictures and captions:

^^Our hidey-hole anchorage, a little out of the way but still pretty damn gorgeous.  Even prettier when the yucky weather rolls in!  

^^So far Sonia has the best deal in town.  $10.00 gets you an overflowing container of great tasting local food.  Keith has decided that she has the best Bahamian Mac-n-cheese he has tasted yet!


^^Even with our remote-ish anchorage we’ve been able to enjoy some of the social scene.  This pot-luck was a lot of fun.

^^we went for a snorkel and found this HUGE crab.  Sadly it was lying on its back and barely moving, Keith flipped it over but it was already pretty much dead. The legs were already falling off. We still brought it up to take a picture because we had no idea what kind it was.  It’s a Channel Clinging Crab, a type of spider crab.  They are supposed to taste great, but we weren’t about to eat an already dead one!  

^^Grilling hotdogs on the beach for lunch.

^^Kai helping with firewood collecting.

^^Kai expecting to get rewarded for his hard work collecting the firewood.  (Don’t worry he got a bite)

^^We’ve been hanging out with these two, Ben and Lisa from Saraid, this whole time, everything is better shared with friends!

^^Not far from the anchorage is a beautiful flats area that becomes completely dry at low tide.  Kai thinks these little sandbars that pop up at mid-tide are pretty fun, we enjoy them too!  Can you see why we are sluggish to move along?  We are missing going fishing, so we will get under way soon, though.

So, that’s the quickie version of what we’ve been up to.  Just hanging out in our hidey-hole and enjoying life.

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