Expectations and First Impressions


We are on our way to Georgetown, Exumas.  The sail is just beautiful today, it is about a sixty mile run and we are averaging about 6 1/2 knots.  Too bad we are so distracted with getting to a good anchorage or it would just be a perfect day.  Well, we haven’t caught a fish yet.  We are about three miles off shore and can see at least twelve other boats also running as fast as they can too.  The chatter on the VHF is all about finding the best hole to hide in.  Most of them are catamarans with very shallow draft, we push almost 6 feet so we are not expecting to get into any of the coveted spots!  I just hope we get into A spot.

I don’t know what to expect at Georgetown, I’ve heard so many things yet still can’t quite put the picture together.  From what I’ve heard, I can’t imagine it’s our scene at all.  At the same time, so many people just love it so I am challenging myself not to poo-poo it ahead of time and to accept it for what it is and find a way to have fun with it.

So, here is what I’ve heard, we will see what’s true and not soon enough…. Georgetown is the largest settlement in the Exumas and the areas and islands around the town create a relatively protected range of anchorages (including several hurricane holes) over a few miles spance.  I’ve heard it is filled with hundreds of cruising boats and many of these are of the permanent fixture type, while others sail down in the winter, drop the hook and don’t move again until it’s time to head home for the summer.  I understand that there is quite a strong community presence and an endless variety of scheduled activities to keep one busy.  Be it yoga classes on the beach or technical seminars under the palms.  I guess there are volleyball tournaments and basket weaving classes too.  I keep hearing about how everyone gets together for potlucks  and sundowners.  I’m not the first person to think it all sounds like an old-folks home.  I can’t help but to assume that the same political drama that exists within a condo association might be present too.  But I don’t know we will see.  I’ve also heard that the resources available to the cruisers helps to make this an end destination for so many. Delightful amenities like that the grocery store has a free dinghy dock as does the gas station and propane pickup.  

Right now the only rumor I am worried about, though, is that all the good anchorages will be filled up. 



I hadn’t posted this post yet so thought I’d tack on our first impressions from our first day here too….

First, the big scary storm-of-the-winter threat looks like it may be a false alarm.  Whew.  That alone does wonders for my outlook! Either way, it was a beautiful day today and we spent the day exploring the beach and trails at our anchorage.  Out of all the stuff I had heard about Georgetown, I missed the fact that it is gorgeous! It took us by surprise.  It has absolutely stunning beaches.  

^^that is the Stocking Island Monument, we are anchored near the bluff.  All of the islands around here have a monument and they are all different shapes, they were once used as navigatin aides.

^^the little dinghy dock at the anchorage. We were the only ones using it.  

^^the trail up the bluff got a bit steep at one point, a helpful cruiser donated a dock line to assist.  How sweet.

^^lots of boats, but our neighbors aren’t too close (yet)

^^Um, not sure how I am supposed to have a negative response wth a view like that!

^^this is the ocean side beach.  It is huge and white and beautiful. And best of all we had it all to our selves!

^^besides our friends on Saraid, who we were walking with, we never saw another person on the trails or beach.

^^Keith and Ben with engine talk.  Their little engine hasn’t quite recovered from its saltwater bath during the storm.  Poor thing is only running on one cylinder.

^^at dusk Keith Suggested we walk back up the bluff to watch the sunset, we got Saraid to join us. It was a great suggestion.

Yeah, so, first impressions aren’t too shabby!  We need to hang out here till about the end of the month to get our Visas extended and I think we can manage that.


…….and here is my view as I finish this post up:


Come back blue skies, come back!

Oh, and I thought it was interesting that the storm that created the derecho has now becomes hurricane Alex.



4 thoughts on “Expectations and First Impressions

  1. Here was my Facebook post yesterday: “My brother Alex’s ashes were taken to the Bahamas last October and released Into the Atlantic Ocean on the Bahama bank. Now there is a winter hurricane with his name in his birthday month. My brother does like to stir things up!” Thanks for setting him free. 🙂

  2. Looks magical! I’m not sure if its my imagination or what, but the water in the Bahamas looks even more crystal clear than it did when I was there!

    1. Kelley, I don’t think I could ever stop being amazed by the color of the water here. It’s got to be one of the Worlds best treasures! I’d tell you it’s too cold right now, but I know where you are and realize that might not be appropriate! Stay warm and get you butt back to this water as soon as you can! (I should have listened to you when you said get a wetsuit-I ended up buying one in Marsh Harbour! You tried to tell me!)

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