“E” Dock Reunion


We are enjoying cruising with Saraid and decided to head up to Double Breasted together making a stop at Allens-Pensacola.  Pulling onto the anchorage we saw a lone catamaran, and it looked familiar……..Temporary Insanity!  Our other dock neighbors!  Hello, John and Anne.  So here we all are, three boats from the same dock all at the beginning of our cruises.  If we had planned it, it would have never happened.  Naturally a potluck occurred.  Delish.   

Wanting settled weather for anchoring at Double Breasted, we hung around at Allens for another day.  Then another when we started hearing grumbles of a possible tropical LO developing just south of us.  Then another when we heard grumbles of the now more probable possible tropical LO developing AND heading towards us.  But the current weather was pleasant even if too brisk to really get off shore for diving on the outer reefs, we still did enough diving to satisfy us and keep our bellies filled.  

On one of the afternoons while the boys were busy cleaning conch Lisa and I took a walk to the ocean side to visit the signing tree looking for familiar names. Some of the boards were ingenious!  One name was written with 5200, I’m sure that one will be around for a few more decades. I also liked the one that laced their name on a piece of drift wood, so smart. I have got to make us a name board!   

^^Boat food.  It’s the best.  Especially when shared in the cockpit with friends 🙂



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