The Art of the Long Goodbye

Velcro Beach got us again for another three days.  We used the days to hide out from the winds and enjoy visiting with friends.  I think we have perfected the art of the loooong goodbye!  Between some of our friends sailing down and mooring next to us, others driving down, and more living close by, we managed to throw a last minute get-together between long-time friends.  We had a wonderful night shared over cheese fondue (and then later chocolate fondue-over the top, I know).  It was one of those nights I just want to hang onto for a little bit longer, so I am quite sad that I never took the camera I had in my pocket out.  For this, I’ve made a new end-of-year resolution-to take more pictures of the people we love!  I realized I take plenty of pictures of things, but not enough of friends-what really matters! Awkward or not, I vow to interrupt the party a grab some pics from here on out!

From Vero Beach we headed a short 12 miles to Fort Pierce and hung out for a few more days to take advantage of the waterside farmers market, where we met up hung out with friends again, this time over Lobster Mac-n-cheese:). After another goodbye, we headed south to Peck Lake.  It’s a cool little anchorage right on the ICW with access to walk to the beach.  We walked across to peek at the seas. The ocean still looks a little rough, we are hoping it smooths down before we get out into it!

As I write this, we are motoring down to West Palm Beach, with only two more bridges to go through.  Whew. From there we will stage the boat for the crossing.  It looks like a good weather window may open up on Wednesday, maybe Thursday.  It definitely won’t be that flat-calm one like we had on the way back, but hopefully it will at least be a fast sailing one.  

This will most likely be my last post from this side of the stream, so goodbye, we will see you on the other side!


Update: Won’t be leaving Wednesday, the forecast has changed a bit (15-20 gusting 23, seas 5-6).  Still hoping for Thursday! 


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