Dragon Point

Dragon Point is where the Banana and Indian River meet (and where there used to be a big concrete dragon). It’s also where we spent the last week anchored out.  We weren’t planning on spending another week anchored right in front of our old marina but my iPad broke-or probably more accurately, Kai broke-and we hung around while we got it replaced. No iPad = No blog.  I was lucky, it was covered under warranty.  Even luckier, I was able to recover all of my photos off of it.  I thought they were already all backed up somewhere in the “Cloud”.  But it turned out only five of my 6011 photos had made it to this photo-saving heaven.  Oooops!  The Apple store was in walking distance, thank goodness because I walked there six different times, but landing the dinghy to get on shore was the problem.  I talked about it before, Satellite Beach is just down right boater unfriendly.  No dinghy docks anywhere and frequently the best we could do was drop each other off and one of us had to return to the boat with the dinghy.  Even with this tactic we got escorted out of a marina.  Of course “one vehicle” and one phone presented a new set of logistical quandaries.  How exactly does one call the other when they are ready to get picked up?  We actually missed pay phones! Oh well.  The whole week was pretty much a logistics puzzle of where to tie the dinghy, how to get from the dinghy to where we were going and how to contact each other. Not complaining, it’s just simply what our week was about.  But by the end of the week, with much help from friends, we were able to get the provisioning done for the next six months, or least as much of it as our little boat will hold, which led to two days of stowing and stuffing all the groceries into every nook and cranny of our bilge and hull.  But that is a whole different puzzle.

The rest of the week was spent hanging out with friends, putting the sails back on, and being happy about being afloat again.  We even had time to sail to a local river-side restaurant with friends for dinner (they DID have a dinghy dock-for paying guests of course).



^^Kai all set to keep cool on a long dinghy ride.

^^ Provisioning run required taking the dinghy through two drainage tunnels. Not creepy at all. At least it gave us cover from the rain.

^^ unloading the dinghy with Kai’s help.  He is very good at finding the bags that have meat.  You know, so we can refrigerate them quickly I’m sure. 😉

^^ Our anchorage for the week just north of Mather’s Bridge.  Bye bye.


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