Moving Day

Today was moving day!  Only four days past our anticipated splash date, we got set back in the water.  Which, for yard schedules, was pretty darn good.  Yay!!!!  After spending almost seven weeks stone still in the yard it felt great, and a little weird, to be bobbing along again.  Everything went well, no surprises, and we checked out what our newly pitched prop would do by motoring back down to Dragon Point, Merritt Island and basically anchored right in front of our old Marina again.  A race was going on right in front of where we anchored so we sat back and watched, took a nap, and started on unpacking all the things that had been stowed away while in the yard, like the dinghy.  We also got all the plumbing systems up and going.  No more hikes to the bathroom! Today was such a good day 🙂

So hopefully no more hurricanes pop up, we will finish stocking up, and start heading back over to the Bahamas.  Time to get this show on the road again. Whew! 

It may have been a good day for Keith and I, but it was a GREAT day for Kai. Since we’ve been in the yard he hasn’t been allowed on the deck at all, we were too afraid of him falling.  The poor guy was starting to go stir-crazy.  He was ecstatic with free reign of the deck today.  You could just see it in his face.  Happy dog.  

^^ Kai, just takin’ a walk with my boat 🙂

^^first night back on the hook, feels so good.

^^view of Pineda Causeway from our head (bathroom) port.  You know, because we have a functioning head again!!!

4 thoughts on “Moving Day

    1. Sounds like a good day-and congrats! I’ve never raced but we enjoyed watching the races by our boat for the last two days, everyone looked like they were having fun.

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