Bahama Independence Day

We popped back down to Green Turtle for groceries and while at Sid’s Grocery store the owner invited us to stay for the Bahama Independance day party the next night. It’s not like we are on a schedule or anything, so sure! It ended up being one of those perfect days.  

We hung out with Gregory and Lucie and new friends at their marina in the day and then slowly meandered to the park.  The celebration started with political speeches followed by prayers so it was an easy unanimous decision to grab some beers while we waited for the celebration to get under way.  I few beers on a dock watching the sun set while hanging out with friends and making new friends was a good start to the evening for sure.  Afterwards we made our way back to the park to see the Royal Bahamas Police Band play, they have some seriously impressive uniforms.  Then we got in line for food, we assumed you bought a plate but everything was completely free.  We got a big plate of fish, peas and rice, and coleslaw with canned juice.  They were also serving chicken, ribs, and crab.  The food was amazing and just kept coming.  Dessert was next with a plate of homemade banana bread, pineapple pie, and chocolate cake.  Oh, yum.  Then, the order seems weird but next up was huge squares of Bahamas Mac-N-Cheese, Keith’s all time favorite. We were stuffed. It was a friendly, fun, family vibe with lots of kids playing and families hanging out.  Later in the evening there was a small but impressive Junkanoo procession.  I’m not sure how to describe Junkanoo and I don’t have good photos but it’s a percussion band with the members dressed in elaborate costums and dancing.  You just kind of get swept up in it.

By the time we returned to the boat, I couldn’t have felt happier.  It was just a perfect day.  

^^they start the little ones off early, this cutie was working his drum with such seriousness.

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