Manjack was our quiet little harbor while we pretended to be cruisers and attended the Stranded Naked party.  But you know already how much I love it here and so four days later and we are still here.  Thank goodness we are not trying sail around the world, it would take us a century at this pace!  We met up again with Gregory and Lucie for another two days of diving fun.  Yay, see we did meet other cruisers!  Keith showed Lucie how to get the conch out of the shell and clean it and she treated us to a gluten-free crack conch lunch. Absolutely delish!! 

And now it’s my turn to give Keith a hard time… 

Every time I do something dumb, or stain something, or gouge something he says “I’m glad im not the one that did that” and since I’ve already admitted to the world that I can get a little grumpy, you can probably figure out his reasoning.  Well, it’s my turn to be glad I didn’t do that!  Two times in two days Keith has stepped off the dinghy onto the boat and forgot to tie the dinghy on.  TWICE! The first time he says doesn’t count. He stepped off the dinghy to put the spears away and when he he turned around the boat was floating away–ummm, because he didn’t tie it on. He had to jump in and swim after it so I say it counts because he had to get in the water.  And you would agree with me right?!?  The second time he can’t argue.  We sat down in the cockpit for lunch, I looked out and in the distance saw a familiar looking dinghy floating off. Keith had a much longer swim today, at least he gave the boat coming into the anchorage something to talk about as they watched him chase after it.  It’s not that he didn’t tie it well, he just didn’t tie it at all!   I’m glad it wasn’t me!


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