Grumpy Came to Paradise

This new little life of ours is awesome, no doubt. I think I fall in love with something every single day, be it a beach, a baby turtle, Keith….its a life that has removed the monatany and numbness from our daily lives.  It is vibrant and leaves us feeling very alive. But emotions are like tides, there are highs and a lows; which means the agitation and irritability is a little bit less dulled as well.

You can interpret that previous explanation as “Deborah got grumpy”.  Keith can surely vouch for that statement. 


^^can you find the baby turtle?

How could I get grumpy in such a beautiful place and living my dream?  I don’t know.  It confuses me too.  But there are still dishes to do and meals to cook and at times I feel like I am in the galley for the entire day and missing out on all those things that I so easily fall in love with.  I am not used to cooking three meals a day every day and I am a very messy cook, it eventually got the better of me. I need to work on some simpler meals!  There is also the factor that I used to spend hours alone each day, I was getting maybe fifteen minutes alone if I stayed behind when Keith took Kai for a walk.  I don’t necessarily want to get away from Keith, not at all, I just found that I need a little all-by-myself time still. I used to get frustrated when Keith would uptake off exploring in the dinghy leaving me behind for a while.  Who knew there would come a day when I would want to be left behind.  Poor Keith said it well “I get in trouble when I leave you alone too much, and I get in trouble when I don’t leave you alone enough”. Yeah, sorry about that 😦

Thankfully the “grumps” have passed, I don’t even remember what else I was grumpy about. I know Keith might be able to fill me in on the details I have forgotten about, but I’d rather not ask 😉

Oh, and to help the happy mood, I finally speared my own fish, now if that is not something that relieves some tension!  I’ve been on “dinghy duty” for almost every dive which means I swim along towing the dinghy behind me.  It works well, I get to see all those baby turtles and all, and it is safe while Keith gets us dinner, but it makes it a bit difficult to sneak up on a fish and juggle a spear while lugging a small boat behind you so I have had little chances to do some hunting myself.  It is also exhausting.  I’m starting to remember now, I think this was another thing I got grumpy about…moving on….see my fish?  It was tasty.


2 thoughts on “Grumpy Came to Paradise

  1. I just can’t imagine you ever being grumpy. I love that you’re being so honest about the realities of adjusting to your new life. It’s really refreshing to read about the lows, the nitty-gritty of cruising and what it is really like learning a new way of being. Congrats on your fish spearing – you’re a true hunter! When are you guys heading back to Florida? Remember to just turn left, make your way down the Okeechobee Waterway to Indiantown and say hi 🙂

  2. Believe it 🙂 like yours, this blog is for us first. If I don’t keep it real then it won’t be doing its job, right? It is embarrassing to admit that I got grumpy, I feel like a spoiled ungreatfull child or something but it’s the truth. It passed fast and I am back to falling in love with everything i see.

    We have to leave the Bahamas by August 20th and hey, we just might check you guys out. Unfortunately we are going to have to haul-out while in Florida, we have a rudder “issue”. Yay. We are going to go to Cape Canaveral since we know the area well and where to get things. (And friends with cars and such) Hopefully it will be a quick haul-out. I’m not sure how well I can handle a boatyard in Florida in the summer without AC. I might get grumpy again!

    Any more ideas on where you are headed after the H season?

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