First Leg of the Journey

It seems popular with cruising blogs to recap a leg of travels with a “by the numbers” sort of post.  

I thought I’d give our first leg a go:


Miles traveled: 1.1 (no that’s not a mistype)

Time underway: 24 minutes (includes that unceremonious untying of lines)

Fuel burned: 4 whifs (approximately)

Time spent sailing: none (we aren’t that hard-core)

Crab-pots avoided: 6 (lots of those suckers out)

Sailor-worthy vocabulary words used: 0 (including anchoring 🙂 ) Yay.


Ok, so maybe it wasn’t really a journey worthy of a recap, but I doubt I will keep up with any longer passages well enough to do another “by the numbers” type of post.  That was about my max.

So why such a short jaunt?  Did something break?  No.  We just needed to untie the lines and finally make it off the dock.  Baby steps.  That, and we would have missed out on that great last get-together.  Instead of rushing south immediately, we thought we would take a day or three to catch our breath, double check all the systems, and get our bearings.  It was probably a good thing as well, as we quickly pulled together a second computer today as the one with the touch-screen is having hissy-fits being connected to the SSB, I am afraid it will not recover from one at some point.

Tomorrow we will log a few more miles 🙂


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