A lot has gotten done around here, and a lot still seems to need to get done as well.  Of course. 

Here is an abbreviated status of the To-do list as it stands now.


ON the list:

  • Install new cleats on bow for anchoring (in progress)
  • Replace traveler and mainsheet (ordered-still waiting on delivery)
  • Replace Genoa cars (ordered-still waiting on delivery)
  • Fix leak(s?) along toe rail (I am dreading this task)
  • Finish painting cockpit (SO, SO, close to being done!)
  • Seal teak in cockpit and put on another coat of varnish on coaming (perpetually on the “on” list)
  • Strengthen large outboard motor mount
  • Install windvane, lightning disapator, radar reflector, flag halyard (sounds like a lot but just one trip up the mast)
  • Paint depths on anchor rode
  • Treat Sunbrella with waterproofing and switch out snaps on enclosure to twist-locks, Polish windows
  • Sew rainproof wind chute for aft hatch (still stumped on design details)
  • Splice mizzen halyard snatch hook
  • Patch mizzen sail chafe points
  • Run jacklines
  • Pack abandon ship bag
OFF the list:
  • All Mizzen rigging replaced
  • Mizzen Lightning disapator installed
  • Deck repainted (that project got away from me-ugh)
  • Dorade vents painted
  • Re-caulked teak in cockpit
  • Paddleboards stowed (chocks, covers, and tie-down straps)
  • “Soft dock-box” made for second dinghy, life jackets, hose, and other junk
  • Outboard motor lift installed (life just got much easier with this one!)
  • Phifertex/sunbrella covers over all hatches (they will hopefully keep us cooler)
  • Cockpit cushions 
  • New diesel Jerry-cans
  • New ipad with gps for backup chartplotter
  • SSB channels programmed 
ON the list:
  • Install exhaust fan in galley (final design finally nailed down-just gotta do it)
  • Wire in new fans, including one for Kai; wire second galley light; wire 12v sockets (almost done with all of these)
  • Add opening port in head (started)
  • Fasten down everything to keep from falling, slamming, crashing, and breaking (NOT almost done according to last weekends sail) 
  • Set up solar shower system, and buy solar shower bags
  • Order spare exhaust parts
  • Finish engine spare part order (almost complete)
  • Add off switch to high-water alarm (it’s really loud-hard NOT to panic if it’s going off)
  • Order spare toilet pumps and rebuild kits (this was crossed off, but we’ve already used most of them up) Yuck.

OFF the list:

  • Add shelf/drawers in galley cabinet
  • Move all heavy spare gear from stern to bow (and from port side to starboard side) why are we still listing?!
  • Strip companionway and stairs, revarnish, add non-skid
  • Revarnished all floor boards
  • Replace battery bank 
  • Install Victron battery monitor
  • Replace exhaust elbow
  • Made plastic mesh screens around all bilge pumps to protect the motors from dog hair

ON the list:
  • KEITH-resign 
  • Kai’s Bahama import license (we did our part, waiting on the govt. to do their part)
  • Buy new snorkle gear and spear bands
  • Last set of vaccine shots for Keith
  • Renew passports (we did our part, waiting on the govt. to do their part)
  • Sell cars
  • Provisioning
  • Check out of this crappy marina

OFF the list:

  • Swapped folding bike for TWO folding bikes and made storage brackets for them in workshop
  • Dental work complete for Deborah
  • Vertigo resolved for Keith
  • Fishing gear (still needs to be organized better)
  • Sailing more regularly- to find and work out kinks (kind of on-going)
You see, we are getting there.  I also know that some of these items might still be on the list when we depart.  Not many of them are deal-breakers.  Except maybe the passports.  Those are probably pretty important to get done 🙂

3 thoughts on “ON/OFF

  1. Great ideas, an off switch for the high water alarm. Never would have thought about that. Screens for bilge pumps. I’m using these ideas on my boat and your list has me thinking about more I should be doing. I would love to stop be sometime soon and see you guys {and your beautiful boat}. Astro just had knee surgery on Thursday and we have not been anywhere since. Full time job trying to keep an active dog down for two weeks after surgery. I hope to get out sailing with you guys soon before the winds settle down as the weather warms. See ya soon, John, Patty, Ty and Astro

    Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 02:19:13 +0000 To: paklise@hotmail.com

    1. Hi! Still just right around the corner, still prepping the boat. Looks like we might be out of here soon- of course we’ve said that before!

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