Hello Honey, How Was Your Day?

Well, let’s take a look.

This was Keith’s day:

20140905-200417.jpgA couple of days ago Keith came home grinning and said he had been working on a plan but he didn’t think I’d like it. At first I thought he was delaying our plans again. But, nope, he and a few friends had thrown together a plan to go fishing in the Bahamas. A boys trip. On a go-fast center-console powerboat. With lots of fishing poles and spears. And pretty clear water. And lots of fun.

This was my day:

20140905-201430.jpgThat is me covered head-to-toe in sanding dust. Why am I smiling? Well, one, give me a good roll of sandpaper and some teak and I can happily entertainment myself for the whole day; and, two, I had just checked in on the Spot Tracker and seen that Keith and the boys were safely across the Gulf Stream and they had just crossed onto the Bahama Bank. I knew that at that very moment they were all looking through perfectly crystal-clear water down to the white sand-ripples on the bottom. How can you not smile knowing that!

I haven’t heard from him, and didn’t really expect to, but I can see from their track that they cleared in at Grand Cay instead of Walkers. I can also see that they had time afterwards to run out to the reef for a few hours. Hopefully fish were caught! I sent him with my camera so maybe there will be pretty pictures in a few days. I’m also hoping for some conch.

*Right now Kai is being the “big boy” of the boat and is up on the bed protecting me from the scary lightning and thunder…..or so I’ll let him think. 😉

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