Saltwater and Coconuts

Saltwater and coconuts.

Believe me, this post isn’t going where you thought it was.

I went to the dentist again today, I have a root canal in the process of being redone for the third time, and it’s still not going quite right. In fact my next follow up appointment isn’t even until November, then the dentist will decide if it has healed enough to finish up or if it will need to be redone and let go for another 4-6 weeks before reevaluating.

I guess we did have a departure date after all, because this isn’t working with it!!

So today is spent some time online looking up some holistic/home remedy types of treatments to get this tooth cleared up and signed off for departure as quick as possible. What did I come up with? Saltwater and coconuts.

Saltwater rinses several times a day and I will be joining in on the internet craze of oil-pulling. Basically it’s just swishing virgin coconut oil around in your mouth for twenty minutes twice a day. Apparently the lauric acid in the coconut oil has strong antibacterial properties. (And depending on what coo-coo websites you find, it will also shed all of your extra pounds, fade all of your age spots, and heal your broken heart 😉 ). I’m just asking it to help out my tooth!

Someday soon we’ll be sitting under that coconut palm and splashing in that clear saltwater. For now, I’m just gargling it.

^photo from 2006 trip in the Abacos


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