Sneak Peak at Up-coming Projects

I got a few boxes in the mail…………..

……………..and you might recognize where they are from!

I’m thinking these following items will be getting crossed off the list soon:

“Stack-pack” mainsail and mizzen sail covers
Mizzen sail repaired
Shade awning(s)/rain catchers
Propane tank cover
Dingy storage pockets
New interior cushions
Organizing pockets by the companionway
Freezer cover
New outboard motor cover
Surf board (and paddleboard?) covers
Snaps switched to twist-fasteners on the enclosure
Custom bedding for aft cabin
“big-boy” Kai bed (he hasn’t had one because he eats them when he gets too tired-silly puppy)

Time to get busy!

Where were we ONE year ago: Enclosure (still sewing I guess!)

3 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at Up-coming Projects

  1. Dingy storage pockets? Interesting. Can’t wait to see these.

    My Bride might be getting another project.

    Are you making the stack pack from scratch or did you buy a kit? We have a Dutchman system on our boat and I keep wishing I had a stack pack instead. It’s just had to justify all the work and the money when we have a decent shape mainsail cover and the Dutchman system. But I would really like the convenience of the stack pack.

    Good Luck

    1. The dingy storage pockets are to help tame the crazy piles of stuff we put in our dingy; snorkle gear, spearing gear, anchors, look bucket, fish bucket, dog, drinks, gas, more drinks… They are still yet to be designed so I can’t wait to see them either! So, if your bride has any ideas, I’m listening!

      Stack pack-I bought the sailrite PDF instructions (about 5.00, I think) but am going to be doing some pretty major customizing. We don’t have a choice we had to install the stack packs, with the enclosure we can’t even reach parts of our boom. It’s pretty unsafe to reef or bring down the main at the moment.

      We had Dutchman on our Ericson and loved them. Infact, we now kind of wish that we had them installed when we had the mainsail made. Oh, well. By the way, you can have both the Dutchman and a stack pack, you just can’t have the one continuous zipper on top. Just a thought for when your sailcover starts to go.

  2. I have to confess that I am drooling just looking at the sewing machine box. lol. I love your website. Keep up the good work.

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