Rust in the Galley

I worked second shift for the past five years which meant dinner duty was squarely in Keith’s corner that whole time. And let me tell you, he did an amazing job of it. Every single night, and I do mean every. single. night., I came home to a warm, tasty dinner plate waiting just for me. He’s the best.

As we got closer to me being….well, let’s call it what it really is, unemployed, I was getting so excited about the chance to cook dinners again. The only one more excited than me was Keith! He was a bit over deciding what to make, running to the store, and making dinner every night and was happily handing over the reigns.

I had grand plans and recipes lined up for a month, a few old favorites, but mostly new ones I was dying to try out. I wanted to cook a few “boaty” meals too like dried beans, barley salads, and pressure cooker pork roasts.

So how is it going?

Um, well, it seems I may have gotten a bit rusty having been out of the kitchen/galley for so many years. So far I have had ONE fire, TWO minor-ish bouts of food poisoning, and THREE (OK, maybe even more) meals that have gone straight to the trash. 😦

There have been some delish meals too, but let’s say they have been sporadic.

Getting a bit discouraged, I really, really needed a bit of a win today in the culinary department. Thankfully it came in the form of a super soft and pillowy loaf of white bread. I’ve made a couple of the no-knead artisan breads before with varying degrees of success, but what I wanted to make today was a soft crust bread worthy of making a peanut butter and banana sandwich with so I tackled the you-have-to-knead-it-for-ten-whole-minutes-and-let-it-rise kind of bread. Turns out, it’s not really hard at all.



Success!! Technically, it’s a boaty meal too!

Keith thought it was pretty tasty, though after last week I think he may have lowered his standard to just hoping that it is something that stays down.

Oh, and I am not the only rusty thing in the galley, the hinge of the oven rusted right out. Keith fixed it all up though.

8 thoughts on “Rust in the Galley

  1. Way to go the loaf it is one my grandmother would have been proud of baking. Yes to a great peanut butter and banana or maybe honey.

    1. Aw, thanks! And yes, I made myself a wonderful peanut butter and banana sandwich today with it. I’ve never had peanut butter and honey-sounds good! I’ll have to bake another loaf and try it out πŸ™‚

  2. I’m thinking the bread would be good with some of Mina’s homemade butter. It looked so perfect I thought I could smell it.

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