Workshop Rework

On this first week of my newly gained unemployment status, my main goal was to get as many of the incomplete, half-finished projects done as I could and set myself up for future project-tackling sucess.

The most time consuming project was organizing the workshop. Yes, our tiny little 35 boat has a for-real workshop. 🙂 It came at the expense of my much desired separate shower stall. 😦

But anyways, the workshop–it was a MESS! Like couldn’t even step into it, let alone find anything, mess. Not any more! Check it out, clean, and organized, and labeled. Ok, it’s never gonna grace the cover of Better Homes and Gardens, but it’s a pretty pulled together space considering it’s our garage, attic, shed, basement, broom closet, and mechanical room.


Keith is a mechanic, the man has tools. Crazy amounts of tools. We went through them together and sorted and grouped and thinned, and organized them all. Turned out that the tools were not really the problem, it was everything else; paint cans, caulk tubes, oil jugs, sandpaper, shop-vacs, extra saw blades, 9 different rolls of tape, paint brushes, lightbulbs, hose clamps, bilge socks…..

So much stuff, but it all has a place now, and that makes me happy, happy. The room really could have used a fresh coat of paint, but it will have to wait; there are higher priority items on the list.







This last photo is my secret to a clear counter top: always have a home for the items that don’t have a home. (Yes, it’s full-those were all the items I had ask Keith about when he got off work)

Where were we ONE year ago: Dodger

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