FIRST day of my FIRST retirement


Ok, I can’t tell you how many times Keith and I have clarified, “we aren’t retiring-we will be returning to work at some point”.

But really, if it is my first day of my first retirement, doesn’t that imply the same thing? I’d have to work again to have a second retirement. I’m going to go with it. Besides, it sounds better than unemployed.

So how did I spend this special day? About the same as I would any other weekend day. It really hasn’t sunk in at all yet. I grocery shopped, cooked, and did laundry. But I did go for two, yep two, nice long walks on the beach and was able to eat dinner with Keith, something we have not been able to do on a weeknight in years.

It was a good, good day, but tomorrow it’s back to work–on the project list at least 🙂


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